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It all started, one happy day,

So chirpy with joy she moved all day.

She went to her mother, smiled and spoke,

But her’s mother’s response , her heart it broke.

She looked at her mother, trying to recognize the woman she knew,

She reasoned for long, but everything was askew.

What had happened? Through the day she wondered,

Nothing made sense, on and on she pondered.

Her mother was not who she thought she knew,

For her mother became someone and she thought it couldn’t be true.

Just one word of a stranger,

Changed it all.

Her words were not heard,

and her actions seemed all false. 

Since then she’s been watched,

Like a prisoner in a cell.

Her  every movement,

A reason she had to tell.

All she now longed for,

Was some freedom and peace.

A happy life,

And to live with ease.

Her chance finally came,

She moved away.

For a while things were fine,

When history chose to repeat one fine day.

Though away from home.

She’s still imprisoned.

With no voice and words,

In despair she listens.

Her feelings and thoughts,

She’s oppressed and kept.

Helpless and lost,

Every night she wept.

She is in a state,

And her thoughts are of this one.

“I will always regret being her daughter. I just can’t wait to run. “

In her mind forever,

She will remain imprisoned.

She is waiting for that day,

When she can be truly independent.



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In so many years,

I’ve never faced.

Such humiliation,

It put me in a daze.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can you believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

My anger is ready to erupt,

Im uncontrollably hitting out.

You thought i was so corruput,

You refused to hear me out.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can u believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

From now on I really don’t care,

No one can enter my life’s lair.

None of this more i’ll bear,

Other than myself ; about none other i care.

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Care – Haiku #20



What i am able to directly depict of this is that ” A mother nursing her child” and that “ultimate care”. So yes that what my Haiku is about : Care


She gives protection,

Her care – a dedication,

Her smile – now brightens.

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Mother – ( Haiku version) # 7

A caring heart,

A lovely goddess she is,

A mother, so unique.




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I was in her womb, wen she first felt my touch.
I was one year old, when she first saw me crawl.
I was two years old, when she first heard me speak.
I was three years old, when she first saw me dance
I was four years old, when she first saw me write.
I was five years old when she first saw me on stage.
As years went by and i grew and grew,
She swelled with pride and happiness too.
She is the first to encourage in everything i do,
She makes sure i get everything I want.
I’m her first priority for always and forever,
She’s there by my side whenever i need her.
She sees me become mature with tears in her eyes,
She has a smile on her and twinkle in her eyes.
She’s just so amused at the way i speak,
She gives in for anything and everything i need!
She unique and irreplaceable…
She’s the best and one of a kind!
She’s my MOTHER, my one and only GOD!
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Love in itz own way………..

A child in the womb of a mother’s stomach,
Is happy and content everyday.
It’s caressed and hugged and petted and kissed…..
It is full of joy before seeing the world…
This is called Mother’s Love!
On the first day of school children cry and fuss….
They shout and scream and create a scene.
But they are pacified and comforted and made to smile,
This is called Teacher’s Love!
A few friends who are true are nice,
Who are by your side through your bad times,
Who make u laugh when u feel blue,
This is the Love of Friends who are true!
When there is trouble and there’s no one for you….
U tell your sibling, your best friend true.
Who makes your day no matter where you lay,
This is called as Sibling Love!
A person who makes your world, your day,
Who keeps you smiling and laughing all day….
Who’s by your side every minute of you life,
This is called True Love!
Finally, the All mighty…our creator,
He looks at us and smiles,
He continues to create the world for us…
Spreading his love far and wide..
This is called the LOVE OF GOD! ! ! !
With all this love who cannot be
As happy as love birds in a tree!
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