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It all started, one happy day,

So chirpy with joy she moved all day.

She went to her mother, smiled and spoke,

But her’s mother’s response , her heart it broke.

She looked at her mother, trying to recognize the woman she knew,

She reasoned for long, but everything was askew.

What had happened? Through the day she wondered,

Nothing made sense, on and on she pondered.

Her mother was not who she thought she knew,

For her mother became someone and she thought it couldn’t be true.

Just one word of a stranger,

Changed it all.

Her words were not heard,

and her actions seemed all false. 

Since then she’s been watched,

Like a prisoner in a cell.

Her  every movement,

A reason she had to tell.

All she now longed for,

Was some freedom and peace.

A happy life,

And to live with ease.

Her chance finally came,

She moved away.

For a while things were fine,

When history chose to repeat one fine day.

Though away from home.

She’s still imprisoned.

With no voice and words,

In despair she listens.

Her feelings and thoughts,

She’s oppressed and kept.

Helpless and lost,

Every night she wept.

She is in a state,

And her thoughts are of this one.

“I will always regret being her daughter. I just can’t wait to run. “

In her mind forever,

She will remain imprisoned.

She is waiting for that day,

When she can be truly independent.



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I lie on my bed , my head swirling,

With no clarity of what im thinking.

I find myself just staring off into space,

Everything around me seems to fade.

Such strong feelings i ve never felt,

With all these before i ve never dealt.

Confusions im facing now,

What do i want , i wish to know now.

I ‘ve forgotten to smile and cheer,

My face is dull and my voice a sneer.

Unable to be with anyone so close,

If someone talks i shout myself hoarse.

He is the one person with who i wish to be,

But he’s so far , him im craving to see.

Anyone else , i wish to slit their throat,

I want no one in my life no more.

As much as try , im not able to connect,

I’ve lost everyone , so disconnected.

I’ve become quiet and lost myself,

Who truly am i ? I ask myself.

His thoughts is the only thing i want,

His image in my mind it haunts.

I feel as if he s slipping away,

These days to him i have no words to say.

Is this a relationship? or is it dream?

Its definitely not what i think it seems.

Where s all this leading to? Is there an answer,

My life, I’ve made into a perfect disaster.

So helpless i feel , i wish i could change in a spark,

I wish i could just turn back the clock.

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I wish….

I wish….

I wish I could tell you,

How much i love you,

But I have no words to voice,

Not because of fear , but because I have no choice.

You now want another girl,

But not the one who loves you,

You don’t even consider me once,

What am i going to do?

But it’s fate,

We were never meant to be,

My love for you is invisible,’

As you can’t see.

The pain stinging my heart,

I’m ready to break,

But I have no words to voice,

Just because I don’t have a choice.

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In so many years,

I’ve never faced.

Such humiliation,

It put me in a daze.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can you believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

My anger is ready to erupt,

Im uncontrollably hitting out.

You thought i was so corruput,

You refused to hear me out.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can u believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

From now on I really don’t care,

No one can enter my life’s lair.

None of this more i’ll bear,

Other than myself ; about none other i care.

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Anger – Haiku #11

Emotions erupt away,

In anger certain things we say,

Later guilt makes its way.




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Sonnet #1

A blushing face , a bright smile,

So much happiness , it’s so sublime.

A tear stained face with a quivering lip,

So much sadness , the heart it strips.

Red on the face , shaking head to toe,

Ablaze like fire , anger out of control.

A feeling so heavenly , it takes you to another world,

You lose yourself in it’s midst , it’s love an unconditional twist.

A guilty feeling welling up , unable to control you spill it out,

A confession made it feels so good , a sigh of relief after a long time you took.

Too many  desires , craving and wants ,

So much temptation, one can never be warned.

A bubbling spirit , a jumpy mood,

Seen in the atmosphere this excitement so true!



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This poem is dedicated to 2 of my CLOSEST friends , AJAY AND AMRU ,  who are leaving chennai for their college 😦 I will terribly miss them and so writing this poem… One is going to RAIPUR while the other is going to COIMBATORE ! 😦 😦 I don’t know how this poem will turn out but this is what i feel………….. SO here goes…

The last two years of school was great,

With little fights and some treats to take.

Endless gossips and mall hangouts,

Hours over the phone ,  maybe through the night out 😛

Introducing new friends and getting introduced

A million misunderstands and finally a truce.

Sharing secrets and lending your shoulder,

Your physically presence always makes me bolder.

When i look at you i never have to think,

I just pour my heart out to you in a blink.

When i see you i feel immense joy,

But when u leave i try not to cry.

But time has passed just so fast,

But i know our friendship will always last. 🙂

Though miles apart nothing matters,

I’ll always remember the tight ,  warm hugs and kisses especially the latter.

It’s time to move on my sweet , lovely friend,

But i know this is not the end.

Your college will be a whole new world,

And now this is my final word….


I know you’ll be mine till the end.

I know I’m in your heart as you are in mine,

So bon voyage my friend ,

Nothing can change things between us….

Not even your new friends nor time! 😀

I’ll miss you a hell lot guys 😦 LOVE YOU TWO TO THE CORE!!! 😀 BON VOYAGE !!!! Have a safe trip and a BRIGHT BRIGHT future… ALL THE BEST 🙂 * TIGHTEST HUGS FOR BOTH OF YOU *

Hope all of you enjoyed reading. 🙂

Until next time.. CIAO!!


Open The Veil:

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When i write poetry….

When i write poetry,

I think a 100 times how to start.

When i write poetry,

I feel so down to earth at heart.

When i write poetry,

I tear a million pages.

When i write poetry,

I find myself on different stages.

When i write poetry,

I  find myself deep in thought.

When i write poetry,

I feel like i’m in a different world apart.

When i write poetry,

Everything fades around me.

When i write poetry,

There is only one thing i see.

When i write poetry,

The words just flow to my mind.

But when i start writing the poem ,

The words change from time to time.

When i write poetry,

My eyes begin to moist.

My emotions just over-flowed,

And then began to subside.

When i write poetry,

My  lips break into a smile.

For there’s nature all around me,

That just spreads our for miles.

When i write poetry,

My chest starts heaving  in pain.

As painful memories come flowing back,

Shattering my hearts window pane.

When i write poetry,

My head starts to throb.

Through the night i sat and thought

And finally i did a good job.

The words  just kept coming to me,

They poem never seemed to end.

I wrote and wrote all i could,

Till there were just no words to pen.

When i write my poetry,

This is how i am.

Off in space till someone says…

” It’s time to write one again! “

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