I was in her womb, wen she first felt my touch.
I was one year old, when she first saw me crawl.
I was two years old, when she first heard me speak.
I was three years old, when she first saw me dance
I was four years old, when she first saw me write.
I was five years old when she first saw me on stage.
As years went by and i grew and grew,
She swelled with pride and happiness too.
She is the first to encourage in everything i do,
She makes sure i get everything I want.
I’m her first priority for always and forever,
She’s there by my side whenever i need her.
She sees me become mature with tears in her eyes,
She has a smile on her and twinkle in her eyes.
She’s just so amused at the way i speak,
She gives in for anything and everything i need!
She unique and irreplaceable…
She’s the best and one of a kind!
She’s my MOTHER, my one and only GOD!
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9 thoughts on “MY MOTHER!! =)

  1. what a beautiful and touching tribute to your mom!

  2. super sweet..

  3. visit some posts if you have time, I appreciate your support.

  4. Touching.


  5. Awesome tribute my friend, I wanted to comment on your number 60 poem but it does not open, maybe just repost it. Thanks for linking with Potluck!! You Rock!! xxx

  6. An AWESOME tribute to all loving moms, I would say!! I have been trying to write a poem for my mom, but somehow, words fail me! I guess whatever I come up with, always feels too less in front of what mom does…

    But your poem totally makes me wanna keep trying to finish that poem! :))
    Thankoooo …

  7. I searched around.
    never found
    any toher
    Like my mother..

    It is a very touching full of love poem.. waht a tribute to mother who jus can never we repaid for whatever she does to us.. and one must not try also.. it just should just be..

    Visit me through potluck or direct.. I am happy to be here..

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