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Dictatorship , Autocracy & Despotism – [ Poetry Potluck week 39 ]

There’s no freedom,

There’s no choice,

There’s only one ruler,

The dictator is here.

Nothing called democracy exists,

Will anyone be there to approach? Nothing is fixed.

Serving at our rulers feet , like slaves we sit,

The autocrat on our face he spits.

We’re pushed and thrown , like strewn garbage,

But who will ask? When there is no care and aid.

Such a despot he is , that bloody slime.

He calls him self the ruler of our time.

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A great ruler once fell,

His kingdom was taken and in he was under a spell.

A 100 years passed and he revived again,

His was the decendant of that ruler , the kingdom’s gain.

One day he found out his destiny,

And set to fulfil it – a long journey.

The once beautiful kingdom,

Looked like a place for slum.

He blood bcooiled,

At the very moment with his enemy he was ready to collide.

He went back to his ancestors city,

He gathered his people and planned to attack without mercy.

The great rulers kingdom of the city,

Was only a few kilometers – a simplicity

Without warning he charged on,

His attack was was much greater than he had sworn.

His army fought bravely,

Within minutes the kingdom was back in his hands safely.

The greater who once fell,

His kingdom was back and was broken from the spell.



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In so many years,

I’ve never faced.

Such humiliation,

It put me in a daze.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can you believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

My anger is ready to erupt,

Im uncontrollably hitting out.

You thought i was so corruput,

You refused to hear me out.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can u believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

From now on I really don’t care,

No one can enter my life’s lair.

None of this more i’ll bear,

Other than myself ; about none other i care.

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Rules [Poetry Potluck week 19]

Some orders to obey,

Some policies to follow,

Some tips to keep in mind,

Let’s open the rule book of our time.

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HEAVEN N HELL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! : (

A place of wonder,
A place of grief,
Where float angels and demons.
Flowers n flames surrounding em,
In a place they call HEAVEN n HELL.
Heaven is like sweet surprise
While, OH! Hell is where torture rise
Heaven blooms with happiness n wise,
While hell craves for revenge n cries.
A lovely place, many say,
With faces beaming day and day
I’m dying of misery, many cry
With dark faces and tear soaked eyes.
Angels gaze at heavens door,
The evil sneer of demons that stroll.
Darkness fails to conquer heaven
While light captures hell
Happiness starts from heavens door
While hell is filled with grief n more
U cannot escape the misery in hell,
While heaven is a place free from spell.
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A new era begins
A day dawning bright
The great kings of the past
Standing up with pride.

As the sun sets with the old king,
And rises with a new one.
People cheer and shout,
Saluting the great one!

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