Just Yesterday…

It feels like just yesterday we met,                    

Sitting at our table talking to no end. 🙂 

It feels like just yesterday we took our phones,

Dialed each others numbers to talk alone. 

It feels like just yesterday we started to skype,

Looking at each other with such bright smiles. 😀

It feels like just yesterday we fell in love,

A feeling that s not sunk in till now.  

It feels like just yesterday we proposed each other,

Not knowing if we both felt the same about one another. 😦

It feels like just yesterday that our first anniversary went by,

But even today it doesn’t seem like time has flown by. 🙂

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating our love with joy,

But even after 1.5 years i feel like a teenage girl inside. 😛

It feels like just yesterday i fell deep into your love.

You make me feel like the girl most beloved.

I feel like just yesterday i fully got you as mine,

But even now there s some insecurity inside.

I feel like just yesterday for the first time you said I love you,

But even today i blush when you say you do.

I feel like just yesterday you gave me my first kiss,

But just imagining it is giving me eternal bliss. 😉

I feel like just yesterday you promised to hug,

Every time i think about you, your so close and make me feel snug. 

The love in my heart has no bounds,

I wish you could come to me right now. 

I’m waiting for you, so slow goes the time,

My love , you re always mine. 😀 

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I live in a world of my own,

Filled with fantasies of unknown,

To kiss your forehead with my tender lips,

To look at your eyes and see the shine,

To feel your lips all over me,

To lie on your chest and feel your heart beat,

To hold you hand and walk alone,

To hug you tight and never let go ,

To take a picture with you , a memory slow,

To be your wife for ever , for life,

To protect you with all my might,

I live in these fantasies every second,

I live in a world of my own. 


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The Dance….



One night , in my ballroom dress,

I walked hand in hand with my prince at his best,

He made a bow and drew me close,

I flushed pink as he gave me a rose,

The music played and we swayed together,

We glided on the floor , lost in each other,

Everything around us was such a blur,

This ball seemed like a dream for sure,

The music slowed , we swayed together,

So i close i was to him , wish i could forever,

He brought his face so close to mine,

His kiss brought a stop in time,

This dance is our most memorable meet,

He spun me around and lifted me off my feet. 

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Two Swans…

Their love grew day by day,

Unknown to them , so beautiful in it’s own way,

They were lost in a world of their own,

In such a short time such intimacy was shown.

Like two swans they looked together,

So perfect they were for each other. 

They geld so flawlessly,

There was no space for intricacy.

Their eyes sought beauty in each other,

Their hearts raced whenever they were together,

Such endless talks like never before,

No couple could have wanted each other more.

No matter how far away from each other,

The love in their hearts always lingered,

Their smiles could not have been clearer,

The sparkle in their eyes spoke louder.

The endless wait to put their heads together,

To hold hands and walks miles forever,

A wish to stay by each others side,

Like two swans, YOU & I … 

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Nephew – Cinquain #6


The first,

His arrival awaited,

He is everybody’s favorite,



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Family – Cinquain #4

This is poem is specially dedicated to my actual family AND my adopted family.. here goes :


Such togetherness,

For each other,

Standing by one another,


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Son – Cinquain #3


A pride,

He’s an hero,

He’s the most wanted,


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Husband – Cinquain #2


So special,

Every woman’s life,

He’s all she wants,


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Daughter – Cinquain # 1


She’s tender,

She’s mother’s everything,

She’s precious and priceless,





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A year gone by….

S –

It’s been a whole beautiful year,

Since I’ve met you my dear,

You’ve changed everything around me,

My life , my thinking , my self to see.

Since i met you ,

There’s only happiness thro’ and through,

About you i think,

I smile to myself and wink 😛

Just thinking your name,

Makes me drift away on the love lane.

While we endlessly talked,

So fast ticked the clock,

When i see your gorgeous face,

I freeze and just stare no matter what the place.

When you smile at me that way,

My heart begins to sway,

Within months of knowing you,

I fell deeply in love with you.

I had no courage to tell you ,

But when u confessed your love for me , I just flew,

Now everything is so perfect,

Your too good to be true.

It’s finally a year,

Since i met you my dear.

– H

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