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I was in her womb, wen she first felt my touch.
I was one year old, when she first saw me crawl.
I was two years old, when she first heard me speak.
I was three years old, when she first saw me dance
I was four years old, when she first saw me write.
I was five years old when she first saw me on stage.
As years went by and i grew and grew,
She swelled with pride and happiness too.
She is the first to encourage in everything i do,
She makes sure i get everything I want.
I’m her first priority for always and forever,
She’s there by my side whenever i need her.
She sees me become mature with tears in her eyes,
She has a smile on her and twinkle in her eyes.
She’s just so amused at the way i speak,
She gives in for anything and everything i need!
She unique and irreplaceable…
She’s the best and one of a kind!
She’s my MOTHER, my one and only GOD!
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