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I lie on my bed , my head swirling,

With no clarity of what im thinking.

I find myself just staring off into space,

Everything around me seems to fade.

Such strong feelings i ve never felt,

With all these before i ve never dealt.

Confusions im facing now,

What do i want , i wish to know now.

I ‘ve forgotten to smile and cheer,

My face is dull and my voice a sneer.

Unable to be with anyone so close,

If someone talks i shout myself hoarse.

He is the one person with who i wish to be,

But he’s so far , him im craving to see.

Anyone else , i wish to slit their throat,

I want no one in my life no more.

As much as try , im not able to connect,

I’ve lost everyone , so disconnected.

I’ve become quiet and lost myself,

Who truly am i ? I ask myself.

His thoughts is the only thing i want,

His image in my mind it haunts.

I feel as if he s slipping away,

These days to him i have no words to say.

Is this a relationship? or is it dream?

Its definitely not what i think it seems.

Where s all this leading to? Is there an answer,

My life, I’ve made into a perfect disaster.

So helpless i feel , i wish i could change in a spark,

I wish i could just turn back the clock.

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Leaf – Romanticism #1

The Leaf of Spring , so bright was born,

Clothed in green , beautiful and forlorn.

She danced to tune of the wind,

The breeze holding her and making her spin.

She gently moved from side to side,

Bending to the breeze , to his wants she abides.

The breeze let her down with a gentle kiss,

She found herself , alone with only the mist.


The Leaf of Autumn , such a change in her,

A beautiful hue of orange – yellow for sure.

Little blushed from her spring romance,

She held on tight, for her breeze she glanced.

The breeze took away so lightly,

But she moved away so shyly.

The wind blew with all its might,

And brought back leaf & breeze , such a pretty sight.


The Leaf of Summer – old she has become,

So withered and browned , her days have come.

Even the harsh is wind is unable to shake her,

Her lover breeze unwilling to take her.

She s barely just hanging on,

Her happy days were long gone.

But just as she was about fall,

Her lover breeze took her and they had their last ball.


The Leaf of Winter – frozen on her spot,

Her body so cold as ice on the floor.

Her gentle breeze kissed her lips,

A drop of rain he cried , for her he was going to miss.

She melted away into drops of dew,

Each of her drop the breeze took , she knew.

This was the way they always stayed together,

Till spring came back and brought them back to each other. 

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File:Monument Valley Merrick Butte.jpg

With steep slopes and big walls,

A protective barrier , one can call.

An unreachable top, so flat and high

How long would it take for a person to climb?

So impenetrable & gigantic to see,

Overlooking the valley as silent as it can be.

So awe-striking , what could it be?

A Butte , standing so majestically.





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I live in a world of my own,

Filled with fantasies of unknown,

To kiss your forehead with my tender lips,

To look at your eyes and see the shine,

To feel your lips all over me,

To lie on your chest and feel your heart beat,

To hold you hand and walk alone,

To hug you tight and never let go ,

To take a picture with you , a memory slow,

To be your wife for ever , for life,

To protect you with all my might,

I live in these fantasies every second,

I live in a world of my own. 


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The Dance….



One night , in my ballroom dress,

I walked hand in hand with my prince at his best,

He made a bow and drew me close,

I flushed pink as he gave me a rose,

The music played and we swayed together,

We glided on the floor , lost in each other,

Everything around us was such a blur,

This ball seemed like a dream for sure,

The music slowed , we swayed together,

So i close i was to him , wish i could forever,

He brought his face so close to mine,

His kiss brought a stop in time,

This dance is our most memorable meet,

He spun me around and lifted me off my feet. 

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Two Swans…

Their love grew day by day,

Unknown to them , so beautiful in it’s own way,

They were lost in a world of their own,

In such a short time such intimacy was shown.

Like two swans they looked together,

So perfect they were for each other. 

They geld so flawlessly,

There was no space for intricacy.

Their eyes sought beauty in each other,

Their hearts raced whenever they were together,

Such endless talks like never before,

No couple could have wanted each other more.

No matter how far away from each other,

The love in their hearts always lingered,

Their smiles could not have been clearer,

The sparkle in their eyes spoke louder.

The endless wait to put their heads together,

To hold hands and walks miles forever,

A wish to stay by each others side,

Like two swans, YOU & I … 

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A last resort



So many things,

I just cant think,

What should i do?

I have no clue.

All around me there ‘s fun and play,

But my life is just so plain,

I’m the last resort for anything now,

Even my so called friends are long gone now.

I have no explanation,

All of this is my interpretation,

I wish someone would open out,

And just clear out all my doubts.

Things were great just a year long back,

Now everything feels such a slack,

I’m the last resort, I wonder why?

What did i do ? I’ve always tried.

For so i just keep pushing these thoughts away,

But it was time for my breaking point anyway,

I’m just letting my emotions flow,

I hope my future will be full of glow.

I seek random people out,

To talk and cry out aloud,

I’m the last resort, I’m lost alone,

Will everything fall back to its place as before? 
































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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat?

What do i choose?

My first Halloween,

And I’m doing nothing but muse.

So many costumes,

So many candy’s

I want to do both,

But to choose one i took oath.

Just a few hours more,

I’m racking my brain hard,

Trick or Treat?

What do I choose?

Yes!!! I’ve got it..

I’m gonna trick,

My first try at it,

Let’s see how much I make people flip!!! 😛

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Being Me

Being me,

It’s just so hard,

It’s just so blurred,

I have no clue if my identity has ever been heard.


I have no talent ,

I have no say,

I’m not intelligent,

There’s no achievement that can come my way,


I’ve cried,

I fought,

I tried to forget,

But my thoughts i could not.


I almost gave up,

I was tired of fighting,

But something raised me up,

And i continued moving.


I dunno where my life is going,

I’m just following , random paths are protruding.

My goal in life, i’m still seeking,

My destiny, with me it’s playing.


But i know now,

There’s a lot in my life,

I can surely achieve,

On my own i will strive.


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Nephew – Cinquain #6


The first,

His arrival awaited,

He is everybody’s favorite,



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