Silence – a sound i now a days seek
silence – the only word i wish to speak
silence – I’m starting to fill my world with and i miss
silence – it feels like pure bliss
silence – is calm and peace around
silence – is all i need right now.
silence – is every man’s opportunistic gift
silence – is something towards which i drift
silence – is solitude
silence – is where no one intrudes
silence – is calm and peace around
silence – is all i need right now.
silence – is where no one intrudes
silence – is calm and peace around
silence – is all i need right now.
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The price of trust…

All she put was a little trust,
She believed in goodness of heart.
She gave the help that one seeked,
She believed in the goodness of heart.
She put others before her,
She believed on the goodness of heart.
Though she was in need, she never voiced,
She believed in goodness of heart.
Her belief in goodness shattered one day,
When he led her away on a path unknown.
When all she put was a little trust,
He tricked her innocence and more.
When all she put was a little trust,
He used false words to lure her away.
When all she put was a little trust,
He suddenly stopped in a lonely lane.
When all she put was a little trust,
He touched her and she cried in vain.
When all she put was a little trust,
The abuse started and the threats all came.
When all she did, was to believe,
There is always goodness in heart.
When all she did was just to believe,
She had to fight her way out.
This day, she learned that she could fight,
She discovered she had that strength inside.
This day, she learned that she could survive,
She stood there with her head held high.
But, all she did was put a little trust,
And believe in the goodness of heart.

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The new journey

A dedication to my friend who is getting married in 2 weeks 🙂

A daughter is a blessing in disguise,
A daughter is life’s greatest gift.
A daughter is her parent’s happiness,
A daughter is just who she is.
She is pampered and loved,
She is given the best of all.
She is grown and matured,
She reached another phase of her life.
Its time for her to step out,
And lead her independent life.
She is now a young woman,
She takes her first step into the world outside.
She has new responsibilities,
A chance to explore her fantasies.
She s living her life to the fullest,
She s living the life she dreamed.
Suddenly, its time for a new phase,
Surprises wait her along the way.
She realized she s fallen in love,
To the man of her dream – soon she ll tie the knot.
With longing and excitement, she s awaiting the big day,
She will become someone else’s – the guy from her fairytale.
She ll move into her new home,
A new family to bond with.
She s a daughter yet again,
But to the parents of her beloved.
She is looking forward, to this new life that is awaiting.
Her new journey she hopes, is filled with surprised and exciting.
She is not just a daughter and her beloved s wife.
She is now a woman, fully settled in life!

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It all started, one happy day,

So chirpy with joy she moved all day.

She went to her mother, smiled and spoke,

But her’s mother’s response , her heart it broke.

She looked at her mother, trying to recognize the woman she knew,

She reasoned for long, but everything was askew.

What had happened? Through the day she wondered,

Nothing made sense, on and on she pondered.

Her mother was not who she thought she knew,

For her mother became someone and she thought it couldn’t be true.

Just one word of a stranger,

Changed it all.

Her words were not heard,

and her actions seemed all false. 

Since then she’s been watched,

Like a prisoner in a cell.

Her  every movement,

A reason she had to tell.

All she now longed for,

Was some freedom and peace.

A happy life,

And to live with ease.

Her chance finally came,

She moved away.

For a while things were fine,

When history chose to repeat one fine day.

Though away from home.

She’s still imprisoned.

With no voice and words,

In despair she listens.

Her feelings and thoughts,

She’s oppressed and kept.

Helpless and lost,

Every night she wept.

She is in a state,

And her thoughts are of this one.

“I will always regret being her daughter. I just can’t wait to run. “

In her mind forever,

She will remain imprisoned.

She is waiting for that day,

When she can be truly independent.



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Just Yesterday…

It feels like just yesterday we met,                    

Sitting at our table talking to no end. 🙂 

It feels like just yesterday we took our phones,

Dialed each others numbers to talk alone. 

It feels like just yesterday we started to skype,

Looking at each other with such bright smiles. 😀

It feels like just yesterday we fell in love,

A feeling that s not sunk in till now.  

It feels like just yesterday we proposed each other,

Not knowing if we both felt the same about one another. 😦

It feels like just yesterday that our first anniversary went by,

But even today it doesn’t seem like time has flown by. 🙂

It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating our love with joy,

But even after 1.5 years i feel like a teenage girl inside. 😛

It feels like just yesterday i fell deep into your love.

You make me feel like the girl most beloved.

I feel like just yesterday i fully got you as mine,

But even now there s some insecurity inside.

I feel like just yesterday for the first time you said I love you,

But even today i blush when you say you do.

I feel like just yesterday you gave me my first kiss,

But just imagining it is giving me eternal bliss. 😉

I feel like just yesterday you promised to hug,

Every time i think about you, your so close and make me feel snug. 

The love in my heart has no bounds,

I wish you could come to me right now. 

I’m waiting for you, so slow goes the time,

My love , you re always mine. 😀 

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I lie on my bed , my head swirling,

With no clarity of what im thinking.

I find myself just staring off into space,

Everything around me seems to fade.

Such strong feelings i ve never felt,

With all these before i ve never dealt.

Confusions im facing now,

What do i want , i wish to know now.

I ‘ve forgotten to smile and cheer,

My face is dull and my voice a sneer.

Unable to be with anyone so close,

If someone talks i shout myself hoarse.

He is the one person with who i wish to be,

But he’s so far , him im craving to see.

Anyone else , i wish to slit their throat,

I want no one in my life no more.

As much as try , im not able to connect,

I’ve lost everyone , so disconnected.

I’ve become quiet and lost myself,

Who truly am i ? I ask myself.

His thoughts is the only thing i want,

His image in my mind it haunts.

I feel as if he s slipping away,

These days to him i have no words to say.

Is this a relationship? or is it dream?

Its definitely not what i think it seems.

Where s all this leading to? Is there an answer,

My life, I’ve made into a perfect disaster.

So helpless i feel , i wish i could change in a spark,

I wish i could just turn back the clock.

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Leaf – Romanticism #1

The Leaf of Spring , so bright was born,

Clothed in green , beautiful and forlorn.

She danced to tune of the wind,

The breeze holding her and making her spin.

She gently moved from side to side,

Bending to the breeze , to his wants she abides.

The breeze let her down with a gentle kiss,

She found herself , alone with only the mist.


The Leaf of Autumn , such a change in her,

A beautiful hue of orange – yellow for sure.

Little blushed from her spring romance,

She held on tight, for her breeze she glanced.

The breeze took away so lightly,

But she moved away so shyly.

The wind blew with all its might,

And brought back leaf & breeze , such a pretty sight.


The Leaf of Summer – old she has become,

So withered and browned , her days have come.

Even the harsh is wind is unable to shake her,

Her lover breeze unwilling to take her.

She s barely just hanging on,

Her happy days were long gone.

But just as she was about fall,

Her lover breeze took her and they had their last ball.


The Leaf of Winter – frozen on her spot,

Her body so cold as ice on the floor.

Her gentle breeze kissed her lips,

A drop of rain he cried , for her he was going to miss.

She melted away into drops of dew,

Each of her drop the breeze took , she knew.

This was the way they always stayed together,

Till spring came back and brought them back to each other. 

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File:Monument Valley Merrick Butte.jpg

With steep slopes and big walls,

A protective barrier , one can call.

An unreachable top, so flat and high

How long would it take for a person to climb?

So impenetrable & gigantic to see,

Overlooking the valley as silent as it can be.

So awe-striking , what could it be?

A Butte , standing so majestically.





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I live in a world of my own,

Filled with fantasies of unknown,

To kiss your forehead with my tender lips,

To look at your eyes and see the shine,

To feel your lips all over me,

To lie on your chest and feel your heart beat,

To hold you hand and walk alone,

To hug you tight and never let go ,

To take a picture with you , a memory slow,

To be your wife for ever , for life,

To protect you with all my might,

I live in these fantasies every second,

I live in a world of my own. 


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The Dance….



One night , in my ballroom dress,

I walked hand in hand with my prince at his best,

He made a bow and drew me close,

I flushed pink as he gave me a rose,

The music played and we swayed together,

We glided on the floor , lost in each other,

Everything around us was such a blur,

This ball seemed like a dream for sure,

The music slowed , we swayed together,

So i close i was to him , wish i could forever,

He brought his face so close to mine,

His kiss brought a stop in time,

This dance is our most memorable meet,

He spun me around and lifted me off my feet. 

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