The new journey

A dedication to my friend who is getting married in 2 weeks 🙂

A daughter is a blessing in disguise,
A daughter is life’s greatest gift.
A daughter is her parent’s happiness,
A daughter is just who she is.
She is pampered and loved,
She is given the best of all.
She is grown and matured,
She reached another phase of her life.
Its time for her to step out,
And lead her independent life.
She is now a young woman,
She takes her first step into the world outside.
She has new responsibilities,
A chance to explore her fantasies.
She s living her life to the fullest,
She s living the life she dreamed.
Suddenly, its time for a new phase,
Surprises wait her along the way.
She realized she s fallen in love,
To the man of her dream – soon she ll tie the knot.
With longing and excitement, she s awaiting the big day,
She will become someone else’s – the guy from her fairytale.
She ll move into her new home,
A new family to bond with.
She s a daughter yet again,
But to the parents of her beloved.
She is looking forward, to this new life that is awaiting.
Her new journey she hopes, is filled with surprised and exciting.
She is not just a daughter and her beloved s wife.
She is now a woman, fully settled in life!

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