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The Dance….



One night , in my ballroom dress,

I walked hand in hand with my prince at his best,

He made a bow and drew me close,

I flushed pink as he gave me a rose,

The music played and we swayed together,

We glided on the floor , lost in each other,

Everything around us was such a blur,

This ball seemed like a dream for sure,

The music slowed , we swayed together,

So i close i was to him , wish i could forever,

He brought his face so close to mine,

His kiss brought a stop in time,

This dance is our most memorable meet,

He spun me around and lifted me off my feet. 

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Waltz – Acrostic #1

 While so swiftly she moves,

      Aligning her feet with his shoes,

Light steps they both take,

Tip toeing they float away,

Zig – zagging on the floor.

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A sweet sound like a cuckoo’s call,
A melody to hear like a nightingale’s song.
Sometimes it’s rough just like rock,
It sometimes cool just like pop.
It suddenly becomes smooth and romantic like the waltz or
It’s fast and chirpy like the quickstep.
It makes us feel pain like betrayal,
It also gives us happiness like friendship.
It suddenly changes into rap
And finally finishes off with some Desi spice.
It flows through our body from head to toe,
It makes shake our body like the cha cha or rumba,
It takes us away into another world.
This is how it feels when music is alive,
This is what is really called music!
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