Acrostic – #5

I blush at your thought,

Longing to be in your arms,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

Vexed i am at my own frenzy,

Each second my love for you grows,

Your perfect for me alone,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

U are god’s greatest gift to me!!! ūüėÄ

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Acrostic #4

This poem is dedicated to my best friend!!!! Koushik!!!








You became so close to me in such short time,

Made me your best friend and stood up for me every time.

Me and you were inseparable like two sides of a coin,

Feels like we were inter twined.

Special in every way you made me feel,

Thank You for showing me what’s happiness in real.



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Ambiance – Acrostic # 3 – [ THURSDAY POETRY RALLY WEEK 46 ]

Along the coasts of the beach,

Mesmerizing with a beautiful view,

Beneath the starry sky,

Involved in conversations , people sight.

A cool breeze slightly hits,

No one there seemed to miss,

Coming together were the fire flies,

Elegantly they slowly flew by.

I nominate :











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Yearning – Acrostic #2

Your so romantic,

Even just hearing your voice makes me feel erotic,

As much as i turn away,

Recklessness paves it’s way.

Not knowing my own passion,

I‘m unaware of my own decision,

Never did it occur to think twice,

Got myself into something i could never visualize.

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Waltz – Acrostic #1

 While so swiftly she moves,

      Aligning her feet with his shoes,

Light steps they both take,

Tip toeing they float away,

Zig – zagging on the floor.

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