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The risk of a navy chief,

The danger in the army front,

The insecurity with marine life,

The passion of mountaineering,

The courage of cliff-jumping,

The risk of exploring the under water life,

Daring moments that one survives,

We fortunate ones can only see but never try!

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A sweet sound like a cuckoo’s call,
A melody to hear like a nightingale’s song.
Sometimes it’s rough just like rock,
It sometimes cool just like pop.
It suddenly becomes smooth and romantic like the waltz or
It’s fast and chirpy like the quickstep.
It makes us feel pain like betrayal,
It also gives us happiness like friendship.
It suddenly changes into rap
And finally finishes off with some Desi spice.
It flows through our body from head to toe,
It makes shake our body like the cha cha or rumba,
It takes us away into another world.
This is how it feels when music is alive,
This is what is really called music!
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I waited and waited
As hours pass by,
The clock ticks on
The moon’s up in the sky.
Everyday, every night
I think the same things out
As time ticks on
For the sleeping world throughout.
I lay wake and think and think
When is my chance, when is my day.
To see his face and tell the truth
A reality to my thoughts today..
I wring and press my hands all day
Floating in a world so far way…
Impatient to wait for my big day,
To make my thoughts in real today.
Months pass by
And still no sign,
Of the person,
Who I want to see and smile.
To talk alone
And shower my feelings,
To see his eyes,
And understand his feelings.
I wait and wait
Keeping my patience at bay.
Knowing and believing,
My chance would come one day.
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Your sweet and kind
Loving and fun, you free my mind and make me smile
You feel so close like we’re siblings true
With the blood of poet’s and an author too.
You bring me joy with your sweet little songs
You pull me in with your feelings and all
Your the best poet ever that i have seen
I love your poems and we’ll always be a team!
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