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Leaf – Romanticism #1

The Leaf of Spring , so bright was born,

Clothed in green , beautiful and forlorn.

She danced to tune of the wind,

The breeze holding her and making her spin.

She gently moved from side to side,

Bending to the breeze , to his wants she abides.

The breeze let her down with a gentle kiss,

She found herself , alone with only the mist.


The Leaf of Autumn , such a change in her,

A beautiful hue of orange – yellow for sure.

Little blushed from her spring romance,

She held on tight, for her breeze she glanced.

The breeze took away so lightly,

But she moved away so shyly.

The wind blew with all its might,

And brought back leaf & breeze , such a pretty sight.


The Leaf of Summer – old she has become,

So withered and browned , her days have come.

Even the harsh is wind is unable to shake her,

Her lover breeze unwilling to take her.

She s barely just hanging on,

Her happy days were long gone.

But just as she was about fall,

Her lover breeze took her and they had their last ball.


The Leaf of Winter – frozen on her spot,

Her body so cold as ice on the floor.

Her gentle breeze kissed her lips,

A drop of rain he cried , for her he was going to miss.

She melted away into drops of dew,

Each of her drop the breeze took , she knew.

This was the way they always stayed together,

Till spring came back and brought them back to each other. 

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I feel the weight of your hands on mine.

I feel your lips like it’s right on mine.

I can see your eyes just boring into mine.

I can feel you hug like your right beside.

i can see your lips  just smiling at me.

I can feel your love flowing towards me.’

But why is this happening i thought we were friends?

You just had a break up and i’m not able to meet both ends.

I saw it in your eyes you still love her so much

But what made you do all that? was it my b’day present?

Your guilt is just  too much bear.

I cannot see you sad and i’m going into the depths of despair.

To me what you did doesn’t feel wrong.

You just had a break up  so why prolong?

But you love her so much i can see it in your eyes,

But i love you so much that  i cannot voice.

So i made a choice and this is it..

I’ll never see you or hear your voice.

I’ll never pick your calls or text you back.

This is stabbing my heart but i’m not bleeding.

Instead my gush of tears is just flowing.

I know no other and this choice feels right,

To keep you safe from spoiling your life.

I’m not a good person you should know…

I can never be yours though i want to so.

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IS everything a lie?
This love, this life, the world and bright blue sky?
It seems so fake and far from reality,
The thing which i thought was true
Has faded away.
I keep posing questions, but none
Are able to come to my aid.
I went so blind
In the world of love,
I feel so deceived and a traitor too.
The love in my heart,
Is true or not.
Only he can tell
Who loves me lotz.
But does he love me
or was it play?
Do i hurt his feelings day by day?
So crazy with love
About him i am,
I want to be with him
Till the end.
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