INSECURITY :( [Thursday poetry rally week 30]



Everyday in some part of our lives,

Insecurity is faced day and night.

A boy giving the eye arouses insecurity,

We hurry away without any delay.

A crowded bus arouses insecurity,

By a stranger’s touch or a sudden hiss.

A few accidents arouses insecurity,

Our confidence we doubt for our chances of safety.

A step into a new place arouses insecurity,

Flashing random thoughts thro’ your mind.

Many people into your relationship arouses insecurity,

Breaking the trust and faith of your life partner to be.

Your first step outside home arouses insecurity,

Of what new experiences the world might bring.

There’s so much insecurity spread around us,

To overcome it will be a lot of fuss.

Insecurity in our lives is such a miserable mess,

It takes a long time to go no matter how hard the “MOVE ON” button we press.

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52 thoughts on “INSECURITY :( [Thursday poetry rally week 30]

  1. I see this in many women in passing. Often I feel that I have done something off putting to them and feel self conscious…I guess that we all have our own problems that we face inside.
    I watch people in passing and wonder watch their stories are, often just wondering what would cause them to do or act the way they do. That one unique thing that got my attention in the first place. Like lizard tattoo lady, or too fly white cowboy nerd, or whipped puppy girl. we all have names in my world it creates memories that I share and it gives me experiences to take home to my family. I only wish that it was realized that 99% of the time people are not even thinking about them when they are a stranger. Insecurity is good for security but truly terrible for personal growth. Excellent Subject and great perspective!

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  3. love the topic,
    vivid demonstration of insecurity issues…

  4. Thanks for the participation,
    I am glad that you always offer some unique perspective in life via the Rally…

  5. I can totally relate to that right now… Amazing.

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  7. Oh if only it was as easy as pressing a move on button. Very nice job!

  8. I wish I had a “Move On” button.

  9. Not that easy my friend, great poem oxox

  10. perfectly written, definitely true about this =) Happy rally, my friend.

  11. True sentiments; this spoke to me. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. poignant and true! insecurity embraces us everyday and it’s up to us to shake it off our system. some people get paralyzed to the point of paranoia. harshika, this is truly a lovely piece!

    Two Years Ago…

  13. life’s full of that- 🙂

  14. nice..very well crafted your poem abt insecurity

  15. Harshika Dear,
    This one is very neatly done. You have expressed something that we face everyday and yet, wish to stay blissfully ignorant about- Well done..
    Happy Rally Sweetheart..

  16. Loads of Love My Dear Friend
    An Award for you..

    Lovies xox

  17. marisol4you

    Oh man, crowded buses really do make people insecure. It’s the perfect place to find the real creepers lol. Thing is, its hard to not be insecure with all of the other insecure people disrupting your sense of security. –__– It’s like they can’t just suffer alone lol.

  18. ladynyo

    You said a mouthful that could be applied to many areas…

    Still looking for that “MOVE ON” button in life.


    Lady Nyo

  19. Angela Cohan

    True words–well done.

  20. I was touched by how this piece expressed a big-picture as well as a personal view. Thanks for sharing!


    Happy weekend.. Loads of Love.. have Fun. Claim your awards.. Pass it on if you so wish to.. 😀 xoxox

  22. As someone who’s insecure himself, I really liked the poem. :]

    Happy Rally:

    Here’s my own(which coincidentally has a bit on insecurity in it):

  23. Insecurity.. oh, yes.. I can relate, DF.. a lovely poem this..!

    my rally poem is here:

  24. insecurity in emotions, insecurity of rejection, insecurity about life itself……And when those insecurities come true and take hold of your life, you are left with nothing but your broken dreams and unfulfilled wishes……
    Anyways, can I also present a poem for the rally?
    It’s here:

  25. very intelligent and true poem. we are always facing insecurities within ourselves. thats what we have to realize and move on.

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