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INSECURITY :( [Thursday poetry rally week 30]



Everyday in some part of our lives,

Insecurity is faced day and night.

A boy giving the eye arouses insecurity,

We hurry away without any delay.

A crowded bus arouses insecurity,

By a stranger’s touch or a sudden hiss.

A few accidents arouses insecurity,

Our confidence we doubt for our chances of safety.

A step into a new place arouses insecurity,

Flashing random thoughts thro’ your mind.

Many people into your relationship arouses insecurity,

Breaking the trust and faith of your life partner to be.

Your first step outside home arouses insecurity,

Of what new experiences the world might bring.

There’s so much insecurity spread around us,

To overcome it will be a lot of fuss.

Insecurity in our lives is such a miserable mess,

It takes a long time to go no matter how hard the “MOVE ON” button we press.

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