They’re pretty , big , wonderful and bright,
Of different shapes and sizes so right,
They go up , up , up in the air,
Bobbing all the way, some alone ; some in pair,
They suddenly burst with a loud “pop!”
Making the children cry and hop! 😛

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14 thoughts on “BALLOONS!!! :D

  1. That was so cute and fun to read…thanks for making me smile 😀

  2. very nice balloon poem and pic, and it rhymes too – I like it

  3. What a perfect way to express lightness! That’s how the poem made me feel.

  4. TC

    awh i like this, really cleverly written 😀

  5. Now that was a fun read! 😀

  6. I stole your picture … but linked back to your site. 🙂 Hope that is ok.

  7. hellow is so nice your ballons dsign i am designer here in phlipines
    .;.hope we atlk about ballons

  8. wow veryyyy nice poem xxddd uup

  9. abdallah

    very nice

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