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Being Me

Being me,

It’s just so hard,

It’s just so blurred,

I have no clue if my identity has ever been heard.


I have no talent ,

I have no say,

I’m not intelligent,

There’s no achievement that can come my way,


I’ve cried,

I fought,

I tried to forget,

But my thoughts i could not.


I almost gave up,

I was tired of fighting,

But something raised me up,

And i continued moving.


I dunno where my life is going,

I’m just following , random paths are protruding.

My goal in life, i’m still seeking,

My destiny, with me it’s playing.


But i know now,

There’s a lot in my life,

I can surely achieve,

On my own i will strive.


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They’re pretty , big , wonderful and bright,
Of different shapes and sizes so right,
They go up , up , up in the air,
Bobbing all the way, some alone ; some in pair,
They suddenly burst with a loud “pop!”
Making the children cry and hop! 😛

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