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Uniqueness!!! [ Thursday Poet’s Rally week 44 ]

His jet black hair,

So lovely and styled with flair,  😉

His thick eyebrows,

Still beautiful even when it furrows,

His eyes so shiny and bright,

When you look into it , there’s nothing else in sight,  😀

His lips so thin,

It’s flawless shape is such a sin,

His smile so charming,

It hypnotizes you without a warning,

He may have a dimple,

Yet his looks are cute and simple.  🙂

His face is so perfect,

His uniqueness it reflects!!! 🙂

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Talisman Of Love – [Thursday Poet’s Rally week 38]



The power to engulf,

The power to withstand,

The power to do it all,

The power to make others fall,

The power to lose oneself,

The power to make one love,

The belief and faith,

Of people on this Talisman of love is innate.


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Euthanasia [Thursday Poet’s rally week 35]

A relief from pain,

An escape from suffering,

An end to life,

A way to peace,

A desire so irresistible,

A path the law does not heed,

For those in agony,

This is what on daily they feed,

It’s euthanasia!-  they feel they need.


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