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ECLIPSE!!! [ My 50th POEM!!! :D ]

Hey guys!!!

How ya all? Im finally back with a poem! and it’s bit on the science side too 😛 😀 This is my 50th post and my 50th POEM!!! 😀 WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!

50th post?? ya.. actually im gonna transfer all those forwarded poems to my OTHER BLOG … ” MY CRAZY WORLD” which u can see on

I don’t know how this poem will be to you but to my eyes this is a TRUE MASTERPIECE!!!! 😀 Here goes :



A new moon night,

Expectant eyes looking at the sky.

As the moon passs between,

The sun and the earth creating for seconds… a solar beam.


It partly or fully covers the sun,

It’s a natural phenomenon.

But ancient supernaturals,

Have considered it a bad omen.


With the sun covered,

A silver ray of light appears.

It’s mild yet sparkling light impossible to believe,

A beautiful and a rare… solar eclipse,  our naked eyes can never see.





A new sight on a full moon night,

Again expectant eyes long at the sky.

The moon behind the earth , blocking the sun’s rays,

The sun , moon and earth in perfect alignment they stay.

With the sun light gone,

Another natural phenomenon.

For a few hours it stays,

Some historical events it portrays,


The sun’s view fully gone,

There is no trace of light.

Still it’s impossible to believe the beauty of the moon,

It’s viewd from the night side… a lunar eclipse, which our eyes sight.



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A RAINBOW!!!! =) [ Thursday Poet’s Rally week 28]

Hey guys. Yesh!!! I’m back with a poem on a very interesting and lovely topic ” RAINBOW”. I’ve been writing tooooooo much about love so i thought let me bring in a bit of nature to the scene. So here goes.

All of us as children have been taught to remember the colors of the rainbow thro’ the word ” VIBGYOR”. Atleast i have. Well it’s thro’ this word that i’m going to write my poem. *breathes out* Here i start :

The colourful rainbow shining in the sky,

Seven lovely colors combined.

Forming the first arc of rainbow , a clue ,

It’s violet – A divine color so true.

The second is unique and rare in a way,

It’s  Indigo – nearly everyone’s fav.

A smooth color , so beautiful and nice

It’s  Blue –  the sea it symbolize.

It’s a part of the scenery  everywhere ,

It’s  Green – the nature’s lair.

It’s so indescribable , related to so many things,

It’s Yellow – the sun behind the sea sinks.

It stands out no matter what the crowd,

It’s  Orange – the day is out.

The final arc making the scene,

It’s  Red in  –  so light in color , beautiful and serene.

P.S : usually people will indicate RED for DANGER. But if u will see the rainbow closely… red in only faintly shown. That is why indicated it as SERENE.

I hope all of you liked the poem. A bit childish i guess. But i had fun writing it.

That is it from me now!!! bye 🙂

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