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A last resort



So many things,

I just cant think,

What should i do?

I have no clue.

All around me there ‘s fun and play,

But my life is just so plain,

I’m the last resort for anything now,

Even my so called friends are long gone now.

I have no explanation,

All of this is my interpretation,

I wish someone would open out,

And just clear out all my doubts.

Things were great just a year long back,

Now everything feels such a slack,

I’m the last resort, I wonder why?

What did i do ? I’ve always tried.

For so i just keep pushing these thoughts away,

But it was time for my breaking point anyway,

I’m just letting my emotions flow,

I hope my future will be full of glow.

I seek random people out,

To talk and cry out aloud,

I’m the last resort, I’m lost alone,

Will everything fall back to its place as before? 
































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You were the reason…


You were the reason to be happy, 🙂

You were the reason to live.

You were the reason to wait for another day,

You were the reason to rejoice. 😀

You were the reason for my lips to smile 😉

You were the reason for my day to be bright.

You were the reason to look at positive side of life,

You were the reason for everything to be right. 😀

But you said those words , they shattered me, 😦

You were never mine, life finally showed me.

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