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Dictatorship , Autocracy & Despotism – [ Poetry Potluck week 39 ]

There’s no freedom,

There’s no choice,

There’s only one ruler,

The dictator is here.

Nothing called democracy exists,

Will anyone be there to approach? Nothing is fixed.

Serving at our rulers feet , like slaves we sit,

The autocrat on our face he spits.

We’re pushed and thrown , like strewn garbage,

But who will ask? When there is no care and aid.

Such a despot he is , that bloody slime.

He calls him self the ruler of our time.

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A woman she is, standing strong and tall,
Living a life – both rich and poor.
Her past is a trauma you don’t want to hear,
She is now alive and filled with freedom.
She once lived in gaol, where she never saw light,
She never stepped out of her home, in fear of a fight!
Deep down her heart, a burning sensation began,
To break free from the gaol, her life long den.
A day then came when she stepped into the light,
She fought against the men, with a courage of a knight!
She proved to those men that women were their equal,
She conquered her rights and rang out the begul.
She began moving forward, to start a new life.
And now she is the queen, the ruler of our time!
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