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Well again after missing a few potlucks im back and on the roll.. so will be active and regular from now on… well here is my poem


The days so bright with shining lights,

So many sparkles in the sky.

Christmas is here, it’s time to cheer,

With a sleigh we fly so high!


A new  year to welcome,

A new day to rejoice,

Fireworks exploding

Way up in the sky!




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I’m a bit late on the POTLUCK but ill just link in. For the last i’ve just not been able to cope up with anything what with my acads , culturals and the like. Things have been a mess 😦 But tomo is the last day of college before christmas and i’m going to organise myself thoroughly and get back to rountine.. from acads to blog eveything is going be on ROLL! 😀


SO week 15 this week’s topics are reflections , interpretations and musings…


This beautiful year has just flown by

In nothing but a wink of the eye.

One day i was writing my boards,

While the next day i was in the college court.


As i rewind and look back in time,

Reflections i see, holding memories of me.

Fun , frolic , sadness and love,

With family and friends who god sent from above.


So many mistake and punishments faced,

Yet a lot of support and understand had it’s place.

A lot of  truth and betrayal played

But true friends came and saved my day!


A lot of confessions to my family i made,

A lot support i got , even today.

These are the reflections of my past till date,

My true friends and family will be with me till my last day!!


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HOBBIES!!! =) [Poetry Potluck week 13]

Wow!! I’m finally back into potluck after 6 weeks!! :O It’s good to be back too. Well it’s my first attempt at haiku and hope it goes well. Hope u critics go easy on me… Read on!



So many things one can do,

Like read , write and bake things too,

A hobby for them , they can never let go.













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