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Dictatorship , Autocracy & Despotism – [ Poetry Potluck week 39 ]

There’s no freedom,

There’s no choice,

There’s only one ruler,

The dictator is here.

Nothing called democracy exists,

Will anyone be there to approach? Nothing is fixed.

Serving at our rulers feet , like slaves we sit,

The autocrat on our face he spits.

We’re pushed and thrown , like strewn garbage,

But who will ask? When there is no care and aid.

Such a despot he is , that bloody slime.

He calls him self the ruler of our time.

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Untold love – [ Poetry Potluck week 38 ]

This poem that I’m going to write is inspired by a song from the movie ” JODHAA AKBAR ” – ” Jashn – E – Bahara “. It’s my most favorite songs and very touching. From the very music to lyrics to tune , the song just pulls you in. You won’t even know you went into a trance. It’s that beautiful! 🙂


In love he was with a beautiful girl,

Her thoughts just made his mind whirl.

Every time he saw her ,

He felt strangely enchanted.

Love was in the air,

Their lives had just started.

Day and night he used to await,

For her presence in his estate.

There was nothing he could do,

His focus was impossible.

Her beauty killed him,

In front of his eyes her picture would swim.

As they walked together,

Their silence broken by neither.

In awe he stared,

About her so much he cared.

His eyes kept searching,

So much for her he was yearning.

Even the moon hides behind the clouds,

Now not feeling so proud.

So much in love he was,

In her charm he was so lost.

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Water Fury – [ Poetry Potluck week 37 ]

A mistake we did ,

The waters we spoilt,

The fury of the GODS,

Is one none can survive.

The GODS start a tsunami , 

It’s every man’s misery,

It hits out hard,

The main land like a bomb it bombards!

The uncontrollable waves,

Slash all over the place,

Then after a mighty leap,

The water fury heads back to it’s space.

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Floods – [ Poetry Potluck week 37 ] – Haiku # 35

An overflow of rain,

The rising water floods out,

A misery it is.

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Thunderstorms – [ Poetry Potluck week 37 ] – Sonnet # 3

A blinding flash,

An enormous roar,

The thunder hits,

It’s anger to the core.

The clouds turn black,

The houses turned to shack,

The sky turns grey,

The harsh winds slay everything in it’s way.

A tsunami hits,

The hurricane flits,

The lightening flashes,

Nature’s disasters clashes.

An enormous roar,

The thunder’s anger to the core.

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Sketches – [poetry potluck week 36 ]

Credits to my BFF Bhavana!! 😀

Her beautiful black eyes,

So big and bright.

Her forehead if you see,

A bindi in sight.

Her slender body,

Adorned by the most beautiful dress.

Her small ears you notice,

From which hang the most precious rings .

Her thin hands are also adorned,

By the most colorful bangles.

Her pretty little face,

So simple and a traditional sight.

 In her small space,

She has a market in place.

Her pink lips,

Always spread into a smile on her face.

Though she is a sketch,

She looks so real , you find your hands to her outstretched.

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Royal Houses – Poetry Potluck week 35 – Haiku #34

The royals they are,

  A beautiful house they bear,

Such great style and flair.

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Indulgence!!!!! [Poetry Potluck week 26]


A little bit of temptation,

A little bit of want,

A little bit of lust,

You just plunged into life’s,

Irresistible creamy layer of crust!!!




I just wrote this poem with the general view of everything we may want to indulge in our life.. Little childish.. But i love this poem 🙂 😛



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Cartoon – [Poetry Potluck week 24]

Our childhood pastime,

Our favorite channel,


It was always on air.  😀


Tome & Jerry,

We watch with such glee,

Being Princess Sarah,

Is every girl’s dream.  🙂


Hours of non-stop play,

Like in heaven on the couch we lay,

The number of cartoon we saw,

It was beyond our household law.  😛




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Aims , Goals & Ambitions – [Poetry Potluck week 21]

Some achievements in life,

A dream to fulfill,

Our goals we seek,

Of  our ambitions we dream,

Our aims we make,

The ladder of success, now we take.

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