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A great ruler once fell,

His kingdom was taken and in he was under a spell.

A 100 years passed and he revived again,

His was the decendant of that ruler , the kingdom’s gain.

One day he found out his destiny,

And set to fulfil it – a long journey.

The once beautiful kingdom,

Looked like a place for slum.

He blood bcooiled,

At the very moment with his enemy he was ready to collide.

He went back to his ancestors city,

He gathered his people and planned to attack without mercy.

The great rulers kingdom of the city,

Was only a few kilometers – a simplicity

Without warning he charged on,

His attack was was much greater than he had sworn.

His army fought bravely,

Within minutes the kingdom was back in his hands safely.

The greater who once fell,

His kingdom was back and was broken from the spell.



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