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Honor – Cinquain #5


A pride,

Heads held high,

Nothing can feel prouder,


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Family – Cinquain #4

This is poem is specially dedicated to my actual family AND my adopted family.. here goes :


Such togetherness,

For each other,

Standing by one another,


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Son – Cinquain #3


A pride,

He’s an hero,

He’s the most wanted,


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Husband – Cinquain #2


So special,

Every woman’s life,

He’s all she wants,


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Daughter – Cinquain # 1


She’s tender,

She’s mother’s everything,

She’s precious and priceless,





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A year gone by….

S –

It’s been a whole beautiful year,

Since I’ve met you my dear,

You’ve changed everything around me,

My life , my thinking , my self to see.

Since i met you ,

There’s only happiness thro’ and through,

About you i think,

I smile to myself and wink ūüėõ

Just thinking your name,

Makes me drift away on the love lane.

While we endlessly talked,

So fast ticked the clock,

When i see your gorgeous face,

I freeze and just stare no matter what the place.

When you smile at me that way,

My heart begins to sway,

Within months of knowing you,

I fell deeply in love with you.

I had no courage to tell you ,

But when u confessed your love for me , I just flew,

Now everything is so perfect,

Your too good to be true.

It’s finally a year,

Since i met you my dear.

– H

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Acrostic – #5

I blush at your thought,

Longing to be in your arms,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

Vexed i am at my own frenzy,

Each second my love for you grows,

Your perfect for me alone,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

U are god’s greatest gift to me!!! ūüėÄ

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Acrostic #4

This poem is dedicated to my best friend!!!! Koushik!!!








You became so close to me in such short time,

Made me your best friend and stood up for me every time.

Me and you were inseparable like two sides of a coin,

Feels like we were inter twined.

Special in every way you made me feel,

Thank You for showing me what’s happiness in real.



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Ambiance – Acrostic # 3 – [ THURSDAY POETRY RALLY WEEK 46 ]

Along the coasts of the beach,

Mesmerizing with a beautiful view,

Beneath the starry sky,

Involved in conversations , people sight.

A cool breeze slightly hits,

No one there seemed to miss,

Coming together were the fire flies,

Elegantly they slowly flew by.

I nominate :











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Zap – Haiku # 35

I stared up and saw,

A flock of birds flying round,

Zap! I was in awe.

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