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The 7 Deadly Sins [Poetry Potluck]

Well… this is the second time i’m actually following the theme. I think it’s week 6!!! 😀 This week’s THEME is SEVEN DEADLY SINS!!!! Well those are : Envy , Sloth , Gluttony , Wrath , Pride , Lust and Greed!!

This is the first time im writing on such a heavy topic. It won’t be too good. But check it out.

A twinge of jealousy,

A pang of complex,

A burning face,

This is an ENVIOUS soul!


No effort to move,

Not mindset to work,

As slow as a slug,

This is a SLOTH in your midst!


So quick to raid,

Too fast to eat,

No courtesy for others,

This is GLUTTONY in need !


Rage welling up like fire,

A temper in a flash,

Wild like a blizzard,

This is WRATH on your land!


Chest heaved up high,

Head tilted to the sky,

The alpha male is here,

This is PRIDE for your lives  !


A craving to make out,

The desire for sex,

Pervert thoughts in mind,

This is LUST which never rests!


The thirst for wealth,

A longing for riches,

Cunningness in the eyes,

This is GREED that none can survive!


Hope you guys enjoyed this!!


i really need honest feed back guys!! so SHOOT! 😛


Until next week!! See ya!!



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