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Scintillating – Haiku # 27

Those wonderful times,

Scintillating memories,

My happy days with him.



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I’m a bit late on the POTLUCK but ill just link in. For the last i’ve just not been able to cope up with anything what with my acads , culturals and the like. Things have been a mess 😦 But tomo is the last day of college before christmas and i’m going to organise myself thoroughly and get back to rountine.. from acads to blog eveything is going be on ROLL! 😀


SO week 15 this week’s topics are reflections , interpretations and musings…


This beautiful year has just flown by

In nothing but a wink of the eye.

One day i was writing my boards,

While the next day i was in the college court.


As i rewind and look back in time,

Reflections i see, holding memories of me.

Fun , frolic , sadness and love,

With family and friends who god sent from above.


So many mistake and punishments faced,

Yet a lot of support and understand had it’s place.

A lot of  truth and betrayal played

But true friends came and saved my day!


A lot of confessions to my family i made,

A lot support i got , even today.

These are the reflections of my past till date,

My true friends and family will be with me till my last day!!


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This poem is dedicated to 2 of my CLOSEST friends , AJAY AND AMRU ,  who are leaving chennai for their college 😦 I will terribly miss them and so writing this poem… One is going to RAIPUR while the other is going to COIMBATORE ! 😦 😦 I don’t know how this poem will turn out but this is what i feel………….. SO here goes…

The last two years of school was great,

With little fights and some treats to take.

Endless gossips and mall hangouts,

Hours over the phone ,  maybe through the night out 😛

Introducing new friends and getting introduced

A million misunderstands and finally a truce.

Sharing secrets and lending your shoulder,

Your physically presence always makes me bolder.

When i look at you i never have to think,

I just pour my heart out to you in a blink.

When i see you i feel immense joy,

But when u leave i try not to cry.

But time has passed just so fast,

But i know our friendship will always last. 🙂

Though miles apart nothing matters,

I’ll always remember the tight ,  warm hugs and kisses especially the latter.

It’s time to move on my sweet , lovely friend,

But i know this is not the end.

Your college will be a whole new world,

And now this is my final word….


I know you’ll be mine till the end.

I know I’m in your heart as you are in mine,

So bon voyage my friend ,

Nothing can change things between us….

Not even your new friends nor time! 😀

I’ll miss you a hell lot guys 😦 LOVE YOU TWO TO THE CORE!!! 😀 BON VOYAGE !!!! Have a safe trip and a BRIGHT BRIGHT future… ALL THE BEST 🙂 * TIGHTEST HUGS FOR BOTH OF YOU *

Hope all of you enjoyed reading. 🙂

Until next time.. CIAO!!


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