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Being Special – Haiku #16

A bond of eternity,

Wedding , a girl’s fantasy,

The ring a beauty.

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FIRST DATE :* [Thursday poet’s rally week 26]

Hey guys….. 😀 I’m back to blog sphere after quiet sometime. I’ve been missing it like crazy. I didn’t get the time due to my college exams and other activities and i’ve really been missing u al. I did find some to check a few ppl’s blog.. u would have received my comments 😉

and trisha thank you for your concern.. Now i’m back in blog sphere and i’m gonna blog like mad.

You’ll have a lot to read especially in my other blog [my college things]

This is poem is dedicated to my true love. I don’t know if u’ll find it interesting but he means the WORLD to me 😀 SO read on guys!!!!

Your beautiful,

Your my first love.

I’ve been waiting for this day

For 3 long years of my life.

Our first date,

the most unforgettable day.

Your really surprised me,

In almost every single way!

After 3 long months,

I finally saw you,

Right outside college waiting for me to come to you.

We left the place,

Walking hand in hand.

As we waited for a bus,

My heart beat fast.

I couldn’t believe,

Everything was happening so fast.

As i traveled away,

With you by my side.

Holding your hand,

And lost in thought.

Finally we reached our destination,

The SKYWALK mall 😀

SO  restless to feel you,

WE ran into a movie.

My resistance level failed me,

My craving drove me to insanity.

But finally you touched bringing your lips close to mine,

I felt this was heaven with my husband by my side. 😉

This is how my first date went,

To my fabulous day that was the end.

p.s : I’m only 18.

i love my guy and he will be my husband…. plz don’t mistake the word ” husband” and think i’m married 😛

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