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So much love you gave,

So much happiness you brought my way,

But in a flash everything changed,

So ruthless you became. 

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Hey!! Have you tried to write poems using titles of books? Did u know it was possible? If not here is my sample poem.

Where are you now?

Night time is my time,

Just take my heart,

Second time around.

You belong to me,

On the streets where you live,

We’ll meet again,

All through the night.

Let me call you sweetheart,

Moonlight becomes you,

Still watch ,

Silent night.

Before i say good-bye,

Remember me,

The shadow of you smile. 

All the titles you see above are BOOKS of MARY HIGGINS CLARK. Her titles were such that I instantly formed poetry seeing them. You can actually do this using random books as well. It will still be your original work. You just have to remember to give credit to the author who helped u make that piece. 🙂

LOL.. I’m gonna add a  52nd STYLE of WRITING 😛 called THE TITLES!!! 😉 😀

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Oh! My heart, open your doors,

Let him go to the girl he adores.

Oh! My heart, set him free,

Let him wander on the path he sees.

Oh! My heart , let the empty space be,

Forget him , for he has no space in his heart for thee.

Oh! My heart, let this pain cease,

For his heart does not pay you heed.

Oh! My heart let things be,

He’s set this heart on another you see.

Oh! My heart please open your doors,

Let him go the girl he adores.

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I wish….

I wish….

I wish I could tell you,

How much i love you,

But I have no words to voice,

Not because of fear , but because I have no choice.

You now want another girl,

But not the one who loves you,

You don’t even consider me once,

What am i going to do?

But it’s fate,

We were never meant to be,

My love for you is invisible,’

As you can’t see.

The pain stinging my heart,

I’m ready to break,

But I have no words to voice,

Just because I don’t have a choice.

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For so long….

For so long, your thoughts are haunting me,

For so long, your stealing my heart away,

For so long, your keeping me waiting,

So long now , just to see your face.

For so long, I am holding back,

For so long, I am holding them in,

For so long, I am keeping myself from crying,

So long now , without you I’m dying.

For so long, I am trying to forget,

For so long, I’m filled with regret,

For so long, I’m trying to keep away,

So long now, without you I’m unable to stay.

For so long, I’m watching you,

For so long, your fighting thro’

For so long, your suffering inside,

So long now, not letting your love subside.

For so long, I’m praying for you,

For so long, in pain I’m pulling thro’

For so long, I’m wishing your love should succeed,

So long now , My love for you is a sinful deed.

For so long, I know you have another,

For so long, I’m pulling myself together,

For so long, I’m just suppressing my love,

So long now , you just refuse to leave my heart.

For so long, I’m keeping you with me,

For so long now, we talk only about your girl , u see ,

For so long, I’m supporting you thought it is against me,

So long now , My love for u is stronger , cant u feel?

For so long , I know your never mine,

For so long , I’m happy that your in my life,

For so long , I know your relationship with her is deep,

So long now , I want to forget it all in one sweep.

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Scintillating – Haiku # 27

Those wonderful times,

Scintillating memories,

My happy days with him.



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Talisman Of Love – [Thursday Poet’s Rally week 38]



The power to engulf,

The power to withstand,

The power to do it all,

The power to make others fall,

The power to lose oneself,

The power to make one love,

The belief and faith,

Of people on this Talisman of love is innate.


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Love – Haiku (version) # 18


The irrevocable love,

The unconditional feeling,

My burning heart waits.

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Being Special – Haiku #16

A bond of eternity,

Wedding , a girl’s fantasy,

The ring a beauty.

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No rights!!

I have no rights to my own life,

I have no right to love.

I have no right to call you mine,

I have no right to decide.

I have no right to ask questions,

I have no right to thrive.

I have no right to voice my thoughts

Nor do i have a right to your mind.

I have no right to criticize you,

Nor do i have the right to truth.

For i’m not the girl i used to be,

But i know i never betrayed you! 😦

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