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Two Swans…

Their love grew day by day,

Unknown to them , so beautiful in it’s own way,

They were lost in a world of their own,

In such a short time such intimacy was shown.

Like two swans they looked together,

So perfect they were for each other. 

They geld so flawlessly,

There was no space for intricacy.

Their eyes sought beauty in each other,

Their hearts raced whenever they were together,

Such endless talks like never before,

No couple could have wanted each other more.

No matter how far away from each other,

The love in their hearts always lingered,

Their smiles could not have been clearer,

The sparkle in their eyes spoke louder.

The endless wait to put their heads together,

To hold hands and walks miles forever,

A wish to stay by each others side,

Like two swans, YOU & I … 

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Family – Cinquain #4

This is poem is specially dedicated to my actual family AND my adopted family.. here goes :


Such togetherness,

For each other,

Standing by one another,


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Son – Cinquain #3


A pride,

He’s an hero,

He’s the most wanted,


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Husband – Cinquain #2


So special,

Every woman’s life,

He’s all she wants,


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Daughter – Cinquain # 1


She’s tender,

She’s mother’s everything,

She’s precious and priceless,





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A year gone by….

S –

It’s been a whole beautiful year,

Since I’ve met you my dear,

You’ve changed everything around me,

My life , my thinking , my self to see.

Since i met you ,

There’s only happiness thro’ and through,

About you i think,

I smile to myself and wink 😛

Just thinking your name,

Makes me drift away on the love lane.

While we endlessly talked,

So fast ticked the clock,

When i see your gorgeous face,

I freeze and just stare no matter what the place.

When you smile at me that way,

My heart begins to sway,

Within months of knowing you,

I fell deeply in love with you.

I had no courage to tell you ,

But when u confessed your love for me , I just flew,

Now everything is so perfect,

Your too good to be true.

It’s finally a year,

Since i met you my dear.

– H

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Acrostic – #5

I blush at your thought,

Longing to be in your arms,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

Vexed i am at my own frenzy,

Each second my love for you grows,

Your perfect for me alone,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

U are god’s greatest gift to me!!! 😀

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Gone!!! – [ Carry on Tuesday #109 ]

I remember and smile,

When there was a time.

I held your hands,

And walked down my streets.

The shy looks we gave,

In each others’ arms we used to sway,

Our talks seemed to have no end,

We laughed a lot and had fun till the end.

Now everything is over,

Such sweet memories in my mind.

I felt you slipping through my fingers,

And now your no longer mine.



This is is my first Carry on Tuesday write. I managed to get this out within the spur of the moment.

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My fear….

Sam –

The whole day I’ve been crying,

The pain in my heart won’t stop devouring.

So insecure feel,

Of what little is left of my life without a protective shield.

Thoughts and pictures just keep flashing in my mind,

Like someone is playing a movie of my life from behind.

I keep diverting my mind to you,

But nothing changed , it’s like a nightmare come true.

Thinking about you always makes me smile,

But today that did not happen , even if i walk a mile.

There is so much fear in my heart,

My head is spinning and my dizziness starts.

But now my hands are feeling heavy,

As if your sitting beside me and hugging my body.

I’m feeling so scared,

The pain i’m not able to bear.

I am not the girl who i was,

I’ve given up trying to fight for my own cause.

I’ve lost all strength and courage,

I don’t if any girl has suffered so much at this young age.

The whole day I’ve been crying,

The pain in my heart won’t stop devouring!!!! 😦

      – Harshi

P.S : Please check this out. This post is dedicated to the same person for whom I’ve written this poem to.

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Untold love – [ Poetry Potluck week 38 ]

This poem that I’m going to write is inspired by a song from the movie ” JODHAA AKBAR ” – ” Jashn – E – Bahara “. It’s my most favorite songs and very touching. From the very music to lyrics to tune , the song just pulls you in. You won’t even know you went into a trance. It’s that beautiful! 🙂


In love he was with a beautiful girl,

Her thoughts just made his mind whirl.

Every time he saw her ,

He felt strangely enchanted.

Love was in the air,

Their lives had just started.

Day and night he used to await,

For her presence in his estate.

There was nothing he could do,

His focus was impossible.

Her beauty killed him,

In front of his eyes her picture would swim.

As they walked together,

Their silence broken by neither.

In awe he stared,

About her so much he cared.

His eyes kept searching,

So much for her he was yearning.

Even the moon hides behind the clouds,

Now not feeling so proud.

So much in love he was,

In her charm he was so lost.

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