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Rain…. :) [Thursday poets rally week 27]

The clouded sky ,

The rolling thunder,

Gave me a sure sign.

The blinding flash,

Of the lightening bolt,

Refused to deny.

It’s monsoon time ,

Those gentle drops,

Pitter-pattering on the panes.

The howling wind,

Gushing thro’ the window,

Brings me the smell of rain.

I look outside,

With big broad smile,

My face lit up with joy.

I breathed in deep,

And put out my hand,

To  enjoy the chill water drops.

It suddenly pours,

From drizzle to shower,

And i looked outside in awe.

I ran outside,

And stood in the lawn,

Welcoming the rains with open arms.

p.s. : sorry for the late post guys. I’ve been busy with my cousin’ s wedding and found time to post only now… Hope enjoyed the poem 😀

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FELT LIKE DECADES!! (Thursday poet’s rally week 24)

I don’t know what sense this poem is gonna make. But it means a lot to me. enjoy guys.

When you called and broke the news to me,

That your travelling far away.

My heart shattered to a million pieces,

For it was 10 long days away.

It felt like decades since i spoke to you

And saw your lovely face.

Since i held your hands and saw your smile

It felt like those decades far away.

When it was time to go, you kept the phone

Tears streamed down my eyes.

It felt like it was some decades since,

The last time i cried.

Though i didn’t want to ,

I let you go and kept waiting for you call.

It felt like decades passed

And finally you did call.

As you greeted me with a sweet “hello”

I couldn’t find my voice.

I went into a trance and all i wanted

Was just to hear your voice.

The days went by so slowly that

I was at my wit’s end.

It felt like decades before the day came

For you to come back my friend.

Again tears streamed down my eyes

When u called and said ” reached home!”

I just wanted to come running to you

And be with you all alone.

My heart skipped a thousand beats

And it felt like a decade had gone by

But finally that day did come

And now your only mine!

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When i write poetry….

When i write poetry,

I think a 100 times how to start.

When i write poetry,

I feel so down to earth at heart.

When i write poetry,

I tear a million pages.

When i write poetry,

I find myself on different stages.

When i write poetry,

I  find myself deep in thought.

When i write poetry,

I feel like i’m in a different world apart.

When i write poetry,

Everything fades around me.

When i write poetry,

There is only one thing i see.

When i write poetry,

The words just flow to my mind.

But when i start writing the poem ,

The words change from time to time.

When i write poetry,

My eyes begin to moist.

My emotions just over-flowed,

And then began to subside.

When i write poetry,

My  lips break into a smile.

For there’s nature all around me,

That just spreads our for miles.

When i write poetry,

My chest starts heaving  in pain.

As painful memories come flowing back,

Shattering my hearts window pane.

When i write poetry,

My head starts to throb.

Through the night i sat and thought

And finally i did a good job.

The words  just kept coming to me,

They poem never seemed to end.

I wrote and wrote all i could,

Till there were just no words to pen.

When i write my poetry,

This is how i am.

Off in space till someone says…

” It’s time to write one again! “

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When i was an infant and was brought to this world,
It was a pleasant surprise… 🙂
When my parents gifted me the first barbie,
It was a pleasant surprise…
When i got within the first five rank at school,
That was a complete and a pleasant surprise! 😛
When i had my first crush,
It was an unbelievably pleasant surprise 😉
When i first fell in love ,
It was a heavenly pleasant surprise! 😀 😀
When my class mate first proposed to me,
It was a pleasant surprise. 🙂
When my parents got me my first very own dolly,
It was a happy and pleasant surprise 😉 😛
When i was a made a badge holder,
It certainly was a pleasant surprise 😀
When i graduated from school with 90% marks ,
It was utterly the MOST pleasant surprise.
When my parents gifted me a new mob and a gold chain for that,
It was totally an unexpected pleasant… 🙂
When my mom gifted me my very own cam…,
Wooo! That was quiet a pleasant surprise 😀
And finally when JINGLE awarded me ” THE PERFECT POET AWARD” ,
It was a very very very very pleasant surprise!!!!! 😀 😉

i nominate this poet :


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