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” Treasured Friend(ship)!!! “

You are the friend ill always treasure,

Ours is a friendship that none can measure.

Your confidence in me,

Makes me set my spirit free.

Your openness,

Fills my day with brightness.

Your gorgeous smile,

Makes me forget the world for awhile.

Your way of talking,

I can never get tired of hearing.

Your endless patience with me,

Gives me so much glee.

Your never ending happy mood,

Makes me never want to brood.

Your unlimited care,

Is something with no one i would like to share.

Your generosity,

Has such varsity.

You staying awake the whole night for me.

Makes me feel so special , you see.

You make time during your busy days,

I don’t think i can ever thank you in anyway.

You have such a deep place in my heart,

From you i can never bear to part!

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Happiness [Bliss] – Haiku # 25

My great performance,

The happiness in my eyes,

The trophy , my prize.



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You make me smile. [Thursday rally week 29]

There are very few things that make me smile,

I know you’ll walk a mile to see that smile.

Your sparkling eyes make me smile,

Your ” i love you” makes me smile.

Your lovely lips make me smile,

Your kiss on my forehead makes me smile.

Your every touch makes me smile,

Your tight hug just makes me smile.

Your physical presence makes me smile,

Just seeing your face makes me smile.

Your lovely voice makes me smile,

Your funny nose makes me smile,

Your soft chest makes me smile,

Holding your warm hands make me smile,

Your unruly hair makes me smile,

Knowing that your always mine makes me smile.

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FIRST DATE :* [Thursday poet’s rally week 26]

Hey guys….. 😀 I’m back to blog sphere after quiet sometime. I’ve been missing it like crazy. I didn’t get the time due to my college exams and other activities and i’ve really been missing u al. I did find some to check a few ppl’s blog.. u would have received my comments 😉

and trisha thank you for your concern.. Now i’m back in blog sphere and i’m gonna blog like mad.

You’ll have a lot to read especially in my other blog [my college things]

This is poem is dedicated to my true love. I don’t know if u’ll find it interesting but he means the WORLD to me 😀 SO read on guys!!!!

Your beautiful,

Your my first love.

I’ve been waiting for this day

For 3 long years of my life.

Our first date,

the most unforgettable day.

Your really surprised me,

In almost every single way!

After 3 long months,

I finally saw you,

Right outside college waiting for me to come to you.

We left the place,

Walking hand in hand.

As we waited for a bus,

My heart beat fast.

I couldn’t believe,

Everything was happening so fast.

As i traveled away,

With you by my side.

Holding your hand,

And lost in thought.

Finally we reached our destination,

The SKYWALK mall 😀

SO  restless to feel you,

WE ran into a movie.

My resistance level failed me,

My craving drove me to insanity.

But finally you touched bringing your lips close to mine,

I felt this was heaven with my husband by my side. 😉

This is how my first date went,

To my fabulous day that was the end.

p.s : I’m only 18.

i love my guy and he will be my husband…. plz don’t mistake the word ” husband” and think i’m married 😛

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