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You were there for me during the bad times,
You stood by my side,
You gave a helping hand and shoulder to lean on,
You did what i told and tried your best
Though you were fed up, you didn’t give yourself a rest.
You made me believe that i can count on you,
To always be there when i need you,
Though you  were scared, you gave it your best,
You got all the scoldings but still didn’t rest.
No one can help me the way you do,
No can understand the way you can.
Thank you friend for everything you did,
For staying by my side all this time.
This poem i have written specially for you
To show my thanks and gratitude.
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All these years i asked god,
To give me a friend who loves me lots.
A person who i can trust and pour my heart out!
Whose always by my side day in and day out!
God took all these years!
To find the PERFECT friend for me…
After 5 years of sincere prayer,
God finally gave YOU to me…
Knowing that FOREVER you would be with me!
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Memories of Time!

We were together from our young days,
We fought a lot but never played.
We had fun sometimes, those precious days
That go way long back in to memories of time!
As we grew we realized and knew
What great friends we really make,
We spoke and spoke for hours together,
We played, we teased a lot each other…
But a day came when all went wrong,
We never spoke nor looked at all,
It really hurt but we had no choice,
We bore it all, keeping our friendship alive…
But now everything’s fine and back to normal
I’m glad to have u back BEST FRIEND!
After 5 months we finally spoke
We felt so good and happy too! !
Your my friend forever, for life
No one can us separate another time,
Your really one of kind,
Thanks for being with me all this time!
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A friend she is like no other, an important person in my life,
She helps me through my hard times and gives her shoulder to lean on.
She makes me smile always and doesn’t let a single tear come out of ma eyes,
She’s full of fun, frolic and play, she is always by my side,
When i am sad she doesn’t talk about it, but consoles me when needed.
Even though i am a burden, she cares for me a lot.
I can never find one like her, a unique person she is
I love her from the bottom of my heart, for a true friend she is….
I’ll be there for her life long, i promise that on god!
You can always count on me girl, for I’ll stay as long as u want.
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