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All these years i asked god,
To give me a friend who loves me lots.
A person who i can trust and pour my heart out!
Whose always by my side day in and day out!
God took all these years!
To find the PERFECT friend for me…
After 5 years of sincere prayer,
God finally gave YOU to me…
Knowing that FOREVER you would be with me!
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With pale faces and almond shaped eyes,
With curly hair and pretty white wings,
They flutter about and around they go,
Around and around their mighty one.
They obey him – Their mighty king
They help him in out in everything.
They are the prettiest things one could see…
But alas! It’s a myth, that’s destiny!
They are invisible but with us for life,
Even at heaven’s door awaiting us inside.
What do u think these things can be?
They are GODS ANGELS that none can see.
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