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Acrostic #4

This poem is dedicated to my best friend!!!! Koushik!!!








You became so close to me in such short time,

Made me your best friend and stood up for me every time.

Me and you were inseparable like two sides of a coin,

Feels like we were inter twined.

Special in every way you made me feel,

Thank You for showing me what’s happiness in real.



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My fear….

Sam –

The whole day I’ve been crying,

The pain in my heart won’t stop devouring.

So insecure feel,

Of what little is left of my life without a protective shield.

Thoughts and pictures just keep flashing in my mind,

Like someone is playing a movie of my life from behind.

I keep diverting my mind to you,

But nothing changed , it’s like a nightmare come true.

Thinking about you always makes me smile,

But today that did not happen , even if i walk a mile.

There is so much fear in my heart,

My head is spinning and my dizziness starts.

But now my hands are feeling heavy,

As if your sitting beside me and hugging my body.

I’m feeling so scared,

The pain i’m not able to bear.

I am not the girl who i was,

I’ve given up trying to fight for my own cause.

I’ve lost all strength and courage,

I don’t if any girl has suffered so much at this young age.

The whole day I’ve been crying,

The pain in my heart won’t stop devouring!!!! 😦

      – Harshi

P.S : Please check this out. This post is dedicated to the same person for whom I’ve written this poem to.

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” Treasured Friend(ship)!!! “

You are the friend ill always treasure,

Ours is a friendship that none can measure.

Your confidence in me,

Makes me set my spirit free.

Your openness,

Fills my day with brightness.

Your gorgeous smile,

Makes me forget the world for awhile.

Your way of talking,

I can never get tired of hearing.

Your endless patience with me,

Gives me so much glee.

Your never ending happy mood,

Makes me never want to brood.

Your unlimited care,

Is something with no one i would like to share.

Your generosity,

Has such varsity.

You staying awake the whole night for me.

Makes me feel so special , you see.

You make time during your busy days,

I don’t think i can ever thank you in anyway.

You have such a deep place in my heart,

From you i can never bear to part!

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A special note – Haiku #28



The  intimate bond,

The most important person,

I miss her – My sister! =)

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Faith – Haiku #15

Be a good friend,

Stay low , let people depend,

Faith at your end.




P.S : Yuck!!! Could this poem be more worse!! :O 😦

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This poem is dedicated to 2 of my CLOSEST friends , AJAY AND AMRU ,  who are leaving chennai for their college 😦 I will terribly miss them and so writing this poem… One is going to RAIPUR while the other is going to COIMBATORE ! 😦 😦 I don’t know how this poem will turn out but this is what i feel………….. SO here goes…

The last two years of school was great,

With little fights and some treats to take.

Endless gossips and mall hangouts,

Hours over the phone ,  maybe through the night out 😛

Introducing new friends and getting introduced

A million misunderstands and finally a truce.

Sharing secrets and lending your shoulder,

Your physically presence always makes me bolder.

When i look at you i never have to think,

I just pour my heart out to you in a blink.

When i see you i feel immense joy,

But when u leave i try not to cry.

But time has passed just so fast,

But i know our friendship will always last. 🙂

Though miles apart nothing matters,

I’ll always remember the tight ,  warm hugs and kisses especially the latter.

It’s time to move on my sweet , lovely friend,

But i know this is not the end.

Your college will be a whole new world,

And now this is my final word….


I know you’ll be mine till the end.

I know I’m in your heart as you are in mine,

So bon voyage my friend ,

Nothing can change things between us….

Not even your new friends nor time! 😀

I’ll miss you a hell lot guys 😦 LOVE YOU TWO TO THE CORE!!! 😀 BON VOYAGE !!!! Have a safe trip and a BRIGHT BRIGHT future… ALL THE BEST 🙂 * TIGHTEST HUGS FOR BOTH OF YOU *

Hope all of you enjoyed reading. 🙂

Until next time.. CIAO!!


Open The Veil:

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FELT LIKE DECADES!! (Thursday poet’s rally week 24)

I don’t know what sense this poem is gonna make. But it means a lot to me. enjoy guys.

When you called and broke the news to me,

That your travelling far away.

My heart shattered to a million pieces,

For it was 10 long days away.

It felt like decades since i spoke to you

And saw your lovely face.

Since i held your hands and saw your smile

It felt like those decades far away.

When it was time to go, you kept the phone

Tears streamed down my eyes.

It felt like it was some decades since,

The last time i cried.

Though i didn’t want to ,

I let you go and kept waiting for you call.

It felt like decades passed

And finally you did call.

As you greeted me with a sweet “hello”

I couldn’t find my voice.

I went into a trance and all i wanted

Was just to hear your voice.

The days went by so slowly that

I was at my wit’s end.

It felt like decades before the day came

For you to come back my friend.

Again tears streamed down my eyes

When u called and said ” reached home!”

I just wanted to come running to you

And be with you all alone.

My heart skipped a thousand beats

And it felt like a decade had gone by

But finally that day did come

And now your only mine!

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All these years i asked god,
To give me a friend who loves me lots.
A person who i can trust and pour my heart out!
Whose always by my side day in and day out!
God took all these years!
To find the PERFECT friend for me…
After 5 years of sincere prayer,
God finally gave YOU to me…
Knowing that FOREVER you would be with me!
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Memories of Time!

We were together from our young days,
We fought a lot but never played.
We had fun sometimes, those precious days
That go way long back in to memories of time!
As we grew we realized and knew
What great friends we really make,
We spoke and spoke for hours together,
We played, we teased a lot each other…
But a day came when all went wrong,
We never spoke nor looked at all,
It really hurt but we had no choice,
We bore it all, keeping our friendship alive…
But now everything’s fine and back to normal
I’m glad to have u back BEST FRIEND!
After 5 months we finally spoke
We felt so good and happy too! !
Your my friend forever, for life
No one can us separate another time,
Your really one of kind,
Thanks for being with me all this time!
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A man’s companion!

How lovely it is to hold that leather bound book,
How wonderful it feels to turn those bright crispy pages.
You want to stroke its spine and admire it throughout,
You want to keep it on your lap and read the night out.
You feel so captivated u turn page after page,
Until u come back to you senses,
And close the book for the day.
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