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Bliss – Haiku #24

The humming of bees,

The taste of pure , sweet nectar,

A delicious bliss.

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Such a tiny thing you are,

You live underground.

Day by day u grow,

Inching your way through the ground.

With droplets of water and rays of sun,

Some love and care that weighs a ton.

Your finally out after an eternity,

You’ve just bloomed into  nascent beauty.

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SAKURA !! ^__^

The cool wind blowing thro’ the tress,
The flower petals shaking in the breeze,
Of white, pink, crimson and red,
Clustered like stars in a lovely bed.
The autumn wind touching their skin,
Making them fall with their kith n kin.
Like rain of flowers from the sky
They smell so sweet like a cherry pie.
Their groove looks so beautiful n bright,
Even the sun looks at them with awe in its light.
Sparkling like emeralds and rubies too
They are nothing but SAKURA known as CHERRY BLOSSOMS too.
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