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This poem is dedicated to my guy. How these four changes still keeps our love unchanged. weird but worth a try 🙂

That beautiful nature , the beautiful side

Makes me soar , so high in the sky.

The feeling of love just overwhelming,

His lovely thoughts so breathtaking.

The summer sun , shining high

Gives me a warm , cozy feeling inside.

Walking through the golden fields,

Talking and laughing hand in hand.

The chill breeze passing over us,

The snow flew with a little gust. 😛

Covered in snow we wrapped ourselves,

In each others arms, our love so in-depth.

The vast expanse of  gorgeous spring fields,

So beautiful and bright bringing out nature’s hue.

I look at your charming face reflecting all colours,

I see yours eyes sparkle like twinkling pebbles.

The dusky light , the bright leaves,

Falling along natures path.

As we walk down the road,  we see each other and smile,

We kiss to our content , till day turns to night.


I hope all of you loved this!!! 😀

“My words can never express how much i love him and neither can I”

But this may at least give him a hunch.

Cya 😀

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Love in itz own way………..

A child in the womb of a mother’s stomach,
Is happy and content everyday.
It’s caressed and hugged and petted and kissed…..
It is full of joy before seeing the world…
This is called Mother’s Love!
On the first day of school children cry and fuss….
They shout and scream and create a scene.
But they are pacified and comforted and made to smile,
This is called Teacher’s Love!
A few friends who are true are nice,
Who are by your side through your bad times,
Who make u laugh when u feel blue,
This is the Love of Friends who are true!
When there is trouble and there’s no one for you….
U tell your sibling, your best friend true.
Who makes your day no matter where you lay,
This is called as Sibling Love!
A person who makes your world, your day,
Who keeps you smiling and laughing all day….
Who’s by your side every minute of you life,
This is called True Love!
Finally, the All mighty…our creator,
He looks at us and smiles,
He continues to create the world for us…
Spreading his love far and wide..
This is called the LOVE OF GOD! ! ! !
With all this love who cannot be
As happy as love birds in a tree!
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