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FELT LIKE DECADES!! (Thursday poet’s rally week 24)

I don’t know what sense this poem is gonna make. But it means a lot to me. enjoy guys.

When you called and broke the news to me,

That your travelling far away.

My heart shattered to a million pieces,

For it was 10 long days away.

It felt like decades since i spoke to you

And saw your lovely face.

Since i held your hands and saw your smile

It felt like those decades far away.

When it was time to go, you kept the phone

Tears streamed down my eyes.

It felt like it was some decades since,

The last time i cried.

Though i didn’t want to ,

I let you go and kept waiting for you call.

It felt like decades passed

And finally you did call.

As you greeted me with a sweet “hello”

I couldn’t find my voice.

I went into a trance and all i wanted

Was just to hear your voice.

The days went by so slowly that

I was at my wit’s end.

It felt like decades before the day came

For you to come back my friend.

Again tears streamed down my eyes

When u called and said ” reached home!”

I just wanted to come running to you

And be with you all alone.

My heart skipped a thousand beats

And it felt like a decade had gone by

But finally that day did come

And now your only mine!

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Beautiful eyes and a priceless smile,
Pretty face and a funny nose.
Crimson cheeks with every smile,
Makes me melt deep inside.
Rosy you are a sweet friend,
With sweet kind words and a warm hand to lend.
So subtle and bright , always by my side,
I stare at you with an unblinking eye.
Your so close to me in every way i know,
My  emotions vary which only to you i could show.
Be with me forever , for life,
Rosy your special to me and your mine!
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