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I waited and waited
As hours pass by,
The clock ticks on
The moon’s up in the sky.
Everyday, every night
I think the same things out
As time ticks on
For the sleeping world throughout.
I lay wake and think and think
When is my chance, when is my day.
To see his face and tell the truth
A reality to my thoughts today..
I wring and press my hands all day
Floating in a world so far way…
Impatient to wait for my big day,
To make my thoughts in real today.
Months pass by
And still no sign,
Of the person,
Who I want to see and smile.
To talk alone
And shower my feelings,
To see his eyes,
And understand his feelings.
I wait and wait
Keeping my patience at bay.
Knowing and believing,
My chance would come one day.
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I close my eyes and see with a smile,
As a dream starts coming to life,
With birds fluttering high in the sky,
The flowers swaying their heads side to side,
I step into a clearing and see,
A beautiful meadow in front of me!
The music suddenly starts to play,
And i find my self dancing away,
I swirl and jump moving to the beat,
Enjoying myself every minute in my dream,
Then random scenes flashed through my eyes,
I saw in awe the different colors of light!
Shadowy figures began to move,
And another dream started from the blue,
I dream t through the night,
With shadowy images flashing in my mind.
A sound suddenly awoke me,
From my slumber i rose just to see,
For all i had seen was just a dream!
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