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Symbols & Signs… [Poetry Potluck Week 18]

Some things that can’t be seen,

Some things that can only be felt,

Somethings that are unheard of ,

Those can filled only by the symbols and signs known.

A show of affection,

Some kindness and understanding,

A sign of friendship,

A symbol for love.

A show of loath,

Some rudeness and anger,

A sign of hatred

A symbol for war.

Children scampering about,

A joy in playing pranks,

A sign of  naughtiness,

A symbol of mischief.

Sunk into the depths of despair,

Unable to voice any thoughts,

A sign of depression,

A symbol of saddness

Some people can’t see,

They sense their way,

A sign of life,

A symbol of hope.

Some people can’t hear,

So they never speak,

A sign of being deaf,

A symbol of seeing the world with actions.

Some people can’t speak,

No voice of their own,

A sign of being dumb,

A symbol of loss.

Some signs on the road,

Some messages a board,

A sign of care,

A symbol for safety.

Joyous laughs all around,

Big , sparkling looking around,

A sign of joy

A symbol of happiness.

A slow intake of breath,

A slight movement,

A sign of living,

A symbol of life.

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