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Temple – [Poetry Potluck week 23]

A place of worship,

A place for peace,

A place to meditate,

A place for ceremonies,

A place where GOD resides,

A place where out troubles can be put aside,

A place where we feel at ease,

The temple is what your eyes seek.


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Talisman Of Love – [Thursday Poet’s Rally week 38]



The power to engulf,

The power to withstand,

The power to do it all,

The power to make others fall,

The power to lose oneself,

The power to make one love,

The belief and faith,

Of people on this Talisman of love is innate.


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Spirituality…. [ Poetry Potluck 20 ]

The belief in magic,

The protection from forest gods,

The soulful prayers,

The million sacrifices,

The unique ceremonies,

A tribal’s life,

So fascinating to see,

It’s filled with so much SPIRITUALITY!!!!

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All these years i asked god,
To give me a friend who loves me lots.
A person who i can trust and pour my heart out!
Whose always by my side day in and day out!
God took all these years!
To find the PERFECT friend for me…
After 5 years of sincere prayer,
God finally gave YOU to me…
Knowing that FOREVER you would be with me!
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Memories of Time!

We were together from our young days,
We fought a lot but never played.
We had fun sometimes, those precious days
That go way long back in to memories of time!
As we grew we realized and knew
What great friends we really make,
We spoke and spoke for hours together,
We played, we teased a lot each other…
But a day came when all went wrong,
We never spoke nor looked at all,
It really hurt but we had no choice,
We bore it all, keeping our friendship alive…
But now everything’s fine and back to normal
I’m glad to have u back BEST FRIEND!
After 5 months we finally spoke
We felt so good and happy too! !
Your my friend forever, for life
No one can us separate another time,
Your really one of kind,
Thanks for being with me all this time!
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With pale faces and almond shaped eyes,
With curly hair and pretty white wings,
They flutter about and around they go,
Around and around their mighty one.
They obey him – Their mighty king
They help him in out in everything.
They are the prettiest things one could see…
But alas! It’s a myth, that’s destiny!
They are invisible but with us for life,
Even at heaven’s door awaiting us inside.
What do u think these things can be?
They are GODS ANGELS that none can see.
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