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Sketches – [poetry potluck week 36 ]

Credits to my BFF Bhavana!! 😀

Her beautiful black eyes,

So big and bright.

Her forehead if you see,

A bindi in sight.

Her slender body,

Adorned by the most beautiful dress.

Her small ears you notice,

From which hang the most precious rings .

Her thin hands are also adorned,

By the most colorful bangles.

Her pretty little face,

So simple and a traditional sight.

 In her small space,

She has a market in place.

Her pink lips,

Always spread into a smile on her face.

Though she is a sketch,

She looks so real , you find your hands to her outstretched.

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Art – Haiku #8

I have no clue what this picture means.. But for today i took the theme as ART!! So here goes:




The passion to draw,

Talent and imagination,

Exposes out the  art.

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