A year gone by….

S –

It’s been a whole beautiful year,

Since I’ve met you my dear,

You’ve changed everything around me,

My life , my thinking , my self to see.

Since i met you ,

There’s only happiness thro’ and through,

About you i think,

I smile to myself and wink ūüėõ

Just thinking your name,

Makes me drift away on the love lane.

While we endlessly talked,

So fast ticked the clock,

When i see your gorgeous face,

I freeze and just stare no matter what the place.

When you smile at me that way,

My heart begins to sway,

Within months of knowing you,

I fell deeply in love with you.

I had no courage to tell you ,

But when u confessed your love for me , I just flew,

Now everything is so perfect,

Your too good to be true.

It’s finally a year,

Since i met you my dear.

– H

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Acrostic – #5

I blush at your thought,

Longing to be in your arms,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

Vexed i am at my own frenzy,

Each second my love for you grows,

Your perfect for me alone,

Oh my love! you drive me crazy,

U are god’s greatest gift to me!!! ūüėÄ

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DADDY!!! :D – [ Poetry Potluck week 40 ]

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Daddy , your the BEST father one can have,

Daddy, your ALWAYS by side when no one’s there,

Daddy, you’ve always done EVERYTHING i asked,

Daddy , you’ve never said NO to anything i want,

Daddy , you gave me all the BEST things in life,

Daddy , you INTRODUCED me to the best food one can have,

Daddy , you knew what i WANTED even before i said it!!!

Daddy , though i ANNOY you so much , you still TREAT my like a kid,

Daddy , you’ve made the best TEA I’ve¬†ever had,

Daddy , your the BEST cook¬†I’ve ever seen.

Daddy , your EXPERIMENTATION with recipes are out of the world,

Daddy , your the COOLEST dad in this universe,

Daddy , you LOVE me more than anyone else do.

Daddy , i’m YOUR PET though you have an elder daughter,

Daddy , you love me MORE , though my sister is smarter,

Daddy , you gave me all the ADVANTAGE i could ask for,

Daddy , you always TRUSTED me so far,

Daddy , you’ve never LET ME DOWN once,

Daddy , you can’t BEAR to see tears in my eyes,

Daddy , you HATE it when someone does not give me a chance,

Daddy , you LISTEN to everything before you maintain your stance,

Daddy , you SUPP me in every single thing i do,

Daddy , i love you just that much too,

Daddy , your the best father one can have.

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Acrostic #4

This poem is dedicated to my best friend!!!! Koushik!!!








You became so close to me in such short time,

Made me your best friend and stood up for me every time.

Me and you were inseparable like two sides of a coin,

Feels like we were inter twined.

Special in every way you made me feel,

Thank You for showing me what’s happiness in real.



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Ambiance – Acrostic # 3 – [ THURSDAY POETRY RALLY WEEK 46 ]

Along the coasts of the beach,

Mesmerizing with a beautiful view,

Beneath the starry sky,

Involved in conversations , people sight.

A cool breeze slightly hits,

No one there seemed to miss,

Coming together were the fire flies,

Elegantly they slowly flew by.

I nominate : http://blackswanpoetry.wordpress.com/











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Zap – Haiku # 35

I stared up and saw,

A flock of birds flying round,

Zap! I was in awe.

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Yearning – Acrostic #2

Your so romantic,

Even just hearing your voice makes me feel erotic,

As much as i turn away,

Recklessness paves it’s way.

Not knowing my own passion,

I‘m unaware of my own decision,

Never did it occur to think twice,

Got myself into something i could never visualize.

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Waltz – Acrostic #1

 While so swiftly she moves,

      Aligning her feet with his shoes,

Light steps they both take,

Tip toeing they float away,

Zig – zagging on the floor.

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Gone!!! – [ Carry on Tuesday #109 ]

I remember and smile,

When there was a time.

I held your hands,

And walked down my streets.

The shy looks we gave,

In each others’ arms we used to sway,

Our talks seemed to have no end,

We laughed a lot and had fun till the end.

Now everything is over,

Such sweet memories in my mind.

I felt you slipping through my fingers,

And now your no longer mine.



This is is my first Carry on Tuesday write. I managed to get this out within the spur of the moment.

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Dictatorship , Autocracy & Despotism – [ Poetry Potluck week 39 ]

There’s no freedom,

There’s no choice,

There’s only one ruler,

The dictator is here.

Nothing called democracy exists,

Will anyone be there to approach? Nothing is fixed.

Serving at our rulers feet , like slaves we sit,

The autocrat on our face he spits.

We’re pushed and thrown , like strewn garbage,

But who will ask? When there is no care and aid.

Such a despot he is , that bloody slime.

He calls him self the ruler of our time.

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