Indulgence!!!!! [Poetry Potluck week 26]


A little bit of temptation,

A little bit of want,

A little bit of lust,

You just plunged into life’s,

Irresistible creamy layer of crust!!!




I just wrote this poem with the general view of everything we may want to indulge in our life.. Little childish.. But i love this poem 🙂 😛



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Cartoon – [Poetry Potluck week 24]

Our childhood pastime,

Our favorite channel,


It was always on air.  😀


Tome & Jerry,

We watch with such glee,

Being Princess Sarah,

Is every girl’s dream.  🙂


Hours of non-stop play,

Like in heaven on the couch we lay,

The number of cartoon we saw,

It was beyond our household law.  😛




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Temple – [Poetry Potluck week 23]

A place of worship,

A place for peace,

A place to meditate,

A place for ceremonies,

A place where GOD resides,

A place where out troubles can be put aside,

A place where we feel at ease,

The temple is what your eyes seek.


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Aims , Goals & Ambitions – [Poetry Potluck week 21]

Some achievements in life,

A dream to fulfill,

Our goals we seek,

Of  our ambitions we dream,

Our aims we make,

The ladder of success, now we take.

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Spirituality…. [ Poetry Potluck 20 ]

The belief in magic,

The protection from forest gods,

The soulful prayers,

The million sacrifices,

The unique ceremonies,

A tribal’s life,

So fascinating to see,

It’s filled with so much SPIRITUALITY!!!!

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The soft texture,

The sharp tip,

That blinding shine,

That smooth writing,

The unique beauty,

It’s worth possessing for an eternity,

It’s a beautiful quill , my eyes see.









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Miracle.. – Haiku #33

I sight i saw,

So beautiful it was,

It’s a miracle.

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Symbols & Signs… [Poetry Potluck Week 18]

Some things that can’t be seen,

Some things that can only be felt,

Somethings that are unheard of ,

Those can filled only by the symbols and signs known.

A show of affection,

Some kindness and understanding,

A sign of friendship,

A symbol for love.

A show of loath,

Some rudeness and anger,

A sign of hatred

A symbol for war.

Children scampering about,

A joy in playing pranks,

A sign of  naughtiness,

A symbol of mischief.

Sunk into the depths of despair,

Unable to voice any thoughts,

A sign of depression,

A symbol of saddness

Some people can’t see,

They sense their way,

A sign of life,

A symbol of hope.

Some people can’t hear,

So they never speak,

A sign of being deaf,

A symbol of seeing the world with actions.

Some people can’t speak,

No voice of their own,

A sign of being dumb,

A symbol of loss.

Some signs on the road,

Some messages a board,

A sign of care,

A symbol for safety.

Joyous laughs all around,

Big , sparkling looking around,

A sign of joy

A symbol of happiness.

A slow intake of breath,

A slight movement,

A sign of living,

A symbol of life.

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Languages… [Poetry potluck week 18]

A beautiful sound ,

A wonderful dialect ,

Flow of words,

Our languages we hold.


The tinkling laughter,

The soundless words,

This is the language known,

In a baby’s world.


The hum of bees and chirps of birds,

The shiver of grass and woosh of wind,

This is the language known,

In nature’s world.


The sound of music,

A melody to hear,

This is the language known

In a musician’s world.


The tapping of  feet ,

The elegant moves,

This is the language known,

In a dancer’s world.


The call of animals,

The scraping of paws,

This is the language known,

In the fauna’s world.


The boisterous laughter,

The clear words,

This is the language known

In a human’s  world.



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In every phase of our lives we need,

Some ingredient to succeed.


To overcome a hurdle without fear,

The ingredient is be determined and clear.


To reach our goal without losing hope,

The ingredient is stay strong and go.


To cook  a meal without a flaw in taste,

The ingredient is not to put your knowledge to waste.


To reach the peak without a worry,

The ingredient is to take it slow and steady.


To change our dreams into reality,

The ingredient is to work hard and study.


To be come the person we want,

The ingredient is to be smart.


And finally to become the successful person we want,

The key  ingredient is to follow the right path.




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