Rain…. :) [Thursday poets rally week 27]

The clouded sky ,

The rolling thunder,

Gave me a sure sign.

The blinding flash,

Of the lightening bolt,

Refused to deny.

It’s monsoon time ,

Those gentle drops,

Pitter-pattering on the panes.

The howling wind,

Gushing thro’ the window,

Brings me the smell of rain.

I look outside,

With big broad smile,

My face lit up with joy.

I breathed in deep,

And put out my hand,

To  enjoy the chill water drops.

It suddenly pours,

From drizzle to shower,

And i looked outside in awe.

I ran outside,

And stood in the lawn,

Welcoming the rains with open arms.

p.s. : sorry for the late post guys. I’ve been busy with my cousin’ s wedding and found time to post only now… Hope enjoyed the poem 😀

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Those big round faces
Shaking their heads and smiling
Enjoying the air
And dancing with joy.
Sunflowers n’ daisies
Violets n’ roses
So many kinds of blossoms,
Big n small, pretty n gay.
Red, blue, pink and white
Bright in the morning light
With dew drops shining in the sun’s light.
Each leaf fresh n new
Looking like new born too.
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Look at that horizon Look at the sky
Such a gorgeous sunset
Pink-orange combined
Every evening i see and admire,
The different colors of sunset
As long as i desire.
I see a sudden change
And look in dismay
As the colors fade way
Not leaving a single ray.
I stare at the darkness
Pulling myself together
I smile and say
‘ There’s always another day’.
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SAKURA !! ^__^

The cool wind blowing thro’ the tress,
The flower petals shaking in the breeze,
Of white, pink, crimson and red,
Clustered like stars in a lovely bed.
The autumn wind touching their skin,
Making them fall with their kith n kin.
Like rain of flowers from the sky
They smell so sweet like a cherry pie.
Their groove looks so beautiful n bright,
Even the sun looks at them with awe in its light.
Sparkling like emeralds and rubies too
They are nothing but SAKURA known as CHERRY BLOSSOMS too.
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Nature’s play!

That gush of wind,
Those blossomed flowers
Shake their heads and smile.
The buzzing bees, sitting over them,
Sucking nectar for their hive.
That blazing sun,
The long length grass
Is shining in the light
Drenched by the sudden storm,
As day becomes night.
That blinding flash,
That deafening roll,
Rips everything in its path,
That homeless bird,
Those frightened squirrels,
Flee from fear in their heart…
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