In so many years,

I’ve never faced.

Such humiliation,

It put me in a daze.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can you believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

My anger is ready to erupt,

Im uncontrollably hitting out.

You thought i was so corruput,

You refused to hear me out.

I can never forgive you,

You’ve fallen in my eyes.

How can u believe another?

There is no point , I try not to cry.

From now on I really don’t care,

No one can enter my life’s lair.

None of this more i’ll bear,

Other than myself ; about none other i care.

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For so long….

For so long, your thoughts are haunting me,

For so long, your stealing my heart away,

For so long, your keeping me waiting,

So long now , just to see your face.

For so long, I am holding back,

For so long, I am holding them in,

For so long, I am keeping myself from crying,

So long now , without you I’m dying.

For so long, I am trying to forget,

For so long, I’m filled with regret,

For so long, I’m trying to keep away,

So long now, without you I’m unable to stay.

For so long, I’m watching you,

For so long, your fighting thro’

For so long, your suffering inside,

So long now, not letting your love subside.

For so long, I’m praying for you,

For so long, in pain I’m pulling thro’

For so long, I’m wishing your love should succeed,

So long now , My love for you is a sinful deed.

For so long, I know you have another,

For so long, I’m pulling myself together,

For so long, I’m just suppressing my love,

So long now , you just refuse to leave my heart.

For so long, I’m keeping you with me,

For so long now, we talk only about your girl , u see ,

For so long, I’m supporting you thought it is against me,

So long now , My love for u is stronger , cant u feel?

For so long , I know your never mine,

For so long , I’m happy that your in my life,

For so long , I know your relationship with her is deep,

So long now , I want to forget it all in one sweep.

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Haze – Haiku #29

Lot of things in mind,

Too much to handle at once,

In a haze i was.

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Temple – [Poetry Potluck week 23]

A place of worship,

A place for peace,

A place to meditate,

A place for ceremonies,

A place where GOD resides,

A place where out troubles can be put aside,

A place where we feel at ease,

The temple is what your eyes seek.


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Happiness [Bliss] – Haiku # 25

My great performance,

The happiness in my eyes,

The trophy , my prize.



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Bliss – Haiku #24

The humming of bees,

The taste of pure , sweet nectar,

A delicious bliss.

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(Un)ravel – Haiku #21

Open out to the world,

You feel the relaxation,

You unravel your life.



P.S : I’ve used ravel in a way of life..  the last sentence means i have solved the puzzle of my life… Found out what my life is… Well dunno if it’s right..

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Solitude – Haiku #19



In a far off place,

There is peace and solitude,

Myself i seclude.



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Grumble – Haiku #17

An irritation,

Every second there’s frustration,

No one to grumble.






I could not link these as SIS webpage was not opening 😦 Please do read both and comment. Waiting 🙂

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Despair – Haiku #14

A humiliation,

Sunk into the depths of despair,

Now, buried in shame.

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