Two Swans…

Their love grew day by day,

Unknown to them , so beautiful in it’s own way,

They were lost in a world of their own,

In such a short time such intimacy was shown.

Like two swans they looked together,

So perfect they were for each other. 

They geld so flawlessly,

There was no space for intricacy.

Their eyes sought beauty in each other,

Their hearts raced whenever they were together,

Such endless talks like never before,

No couple could have wanted each other more.

No matter how far away from each other,

The love in their hearts always lingered,

Their smiles could not have been clearer,

The sparkle in their eyes spoke louder.

The endless wait to put their heads together,

To hold hands and walks miles forever,

A wish to stay by each others side,

Like two swans, YOU & I … 

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2 thoughts on “Two Swans…

  1. TheStm198

    This is very beautiful ! Really loved it a lot… 🙂

  2. AZ

    Thank you!!! beautifully written

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