DADDY!!! :D – [ Poetry Potluck week 40 ]

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Daddy , your the BEST father one can have,

Daddy, your ALWAYS by side when no one’s there,

Daddy, you’ve always done EVERYTHING i asked,

Daddy , you’ve never said NO to anything i want,

Daddy , you gave me all the BEST things in life,

Daddy , you INTRODUCED me to the best food one can have,

Daddy , you knew what i WANTED even before i said it!!!

Daddy , though i ANNOY you so much , you still TREAT my like a kid,

Daddy , you’ve made the best TEA I’ve ever had,

Daddy , your the BEST cook I’ve ever seen.

Daddy , your EXPERIMENTATION with recipes are out of the world,

Daddy , your the COOLEST dad in this universe,

Daddy , you LOVE me more than anyone else do.

Daddy , i’m YOUR PET though you have an elder daughter,

Daddy , you love me MORE , though my sister is smarter,

Daddy , you gave me all the ADVANTAGE i could ask for,

Daddy , you always TRUSTED me so far,

Daddy , you’ve never LET ME DOWN once,

Daddy , you can’t BEAR to see tears in my eyes,

Daddy , you HATE it when someone does not give me a chance,

Daddy , you LISTEN to everything before you maintain your stance,

Daddy , you SUPP me in every single thing i do,

Daddy , i love you just that much too,

Daddy , your the best father one can have.

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3 thoughts on “DADDY!!! :D – [ Poetry Potluck week 40 ]

  1. sweet tribe.

  2. As a Dad I would love to receive something like this. very touching

    my post was here happy potluck

  3. Awww very sweet tribute

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