My Shack

I set of on an exploration,

Not knowing my intention,

Into the forest i ventured,

Eager to capture a glimpse of a leopard,

I walked on and on,

 Not known where i have gone,

My legs aching ,

I had no clue what i was thinking,

The sky was turning black,

So heavy my ruck sack,

Exhausted i turned back,

Thankfully i found a shack.


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8 thoughts on “My Shack

  1. Enjoyed this…. days like that are fun but sometimes have moments that are a bit scary. xx

  2. well written 😀

  3. Ha! This is cute. It’s good to find a little safe place to rest after an exhausting journey. It gives so much happiness in such case, we can then dream of nothing more! 😉

  4. interesting poem !

  5. I love the image, I have always loved walking in the forest there is always this sense of wonder, awe, and adventure

  6. I really enjoyed this throughout the poetry
    Here’s mine poetry work ..


  7. Relief to find a place to rest your feet.
    I was following the emotions throughout the piece 🙂
    Good descriptive work!

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