Water Fury – [ Poetry Potluck week 37 ]

A mistake we did ,

The waters we spoilt,

The fury of the GODS,

Is one none can survive.

The GODS start a tsunami , 

It’s every man’s misery,

It hits out hard,

The main land like a bomb it bombards!

The uncontrollable waves,

Slash all over the place,

Then after a mighty leap,

The water fury heads back to it’s space.

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10 thoughts on “Water Fury – [ Poetry Potluck week 37 ]

  1. Kalahari blues

    Enjoyed your poem!

  2. There is a cosy rhyme here that I like but the words have truth ringing in them-the terrible tsunami that is hitting us every now and then is well catured in your words.

  3. captured-sorry!

  4. Enjoyed your beautiful write!

    Bullying Poems

  5. you win,
    how cool.

    well done,,,:)

  6. The wrath of nature is unmatched in devastation, wonderfully intense poem

  7. a terrific write!

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